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charles-portrait-2012-200wAs a student and instructor in Psychology at Princeton (1946-1955), I had conversations with Albert Einstein and other masterminds. As an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Harvard (age 26-31), I took LSD with Timothy Leary and other hippies and became a poly-drug addict and unemployed mental patient. Healed by the Lord Jesus, I’ve been totally abstinent from all drugs and alcohol since March, 1976. A gainfully-employed resident of Australia since Oct. 1976 and a self-funded retiree since 1992, I preach His Gospel and share my testimony at every opportunity.

Dr. Charles Slack is  well-known in Australian recovery circles.  He gained a PhD in Experimental Psychology from Princeton University and became an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Harvard Psychological Clinic from 1955 to 1960.

He was amongst the first to experiment with LSD and as a result became addicted. In 1976, clean and sober in 12-Step programs, he migrated to Australia to start a new life.
Until  recently, he and his wife, Sue, were co-pastors of the Green Head Christian Fellowship, 300km north of Perth.   Retired at age 83 and abstinent from drugs and alcohol for over 36 years, he is Chairman of B-Attitudes Inc., and a speaker on drug issues.


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