Teresa Tay

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About Teresa Tay

Teresa is a pastor and author from Perth. 

Formerly a school teacher, a businesswoman and an elder in a large church, God is calling Pastor Teresa today to minister amongst the nations to direct hearts back to the Father through humility, prayer and repentance.

 She is gifted in intercessory prayer, prophecy and in the word of knowledge for individuals and groups.


Together with her husband, Timothy, they founded Hope To The Nations, a ministry for compassionate works combined with teaching and discipleship-making.

Teresa’s vision is for an unprecedented spiritual awakening throughout the land even as God prepares His Church for the glorious return of His son, Jesus Christ.

Her books – have impacted many lives and are available in several languages.

go to A Window into the Ministry of Teresa Tay

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  1. Teresa,
    Your name came to me while reading
    “GLORY CARRIERS” by Jenifer Eivaz.
    Were you on a trip to Russia in Sept of 2001 with Cindy Jacobs? I’ve often thought of you but couldn’t remember your full name until this morning.

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