1. Think it is a God thing that i stumbled across your name site. i have been disabled since 4/26/11 & have lost all my life’s daily activities, friendships, church and desire to do anything. I am married have a good husband who loves me but is disconnected most all of the time. He works fulltime, comes home tired & doesn’t want to do anything even talk. He gets engrossed in a book or movie and that’s it. I have gained alot of weight, am depressed, and we are buried in debt from all the medical bills plus don’t have money to pay monthly bills. I had a SSDI hearing last month and was told 30-120 days for a decision. If i don’t get it we will file bankruptcy. I am at home 24/7 & want something more. I want healing, i don’t know why God has put me thru this. I was extremely active in ministry as well as my husband and we have lost all hope. I can’t afford counseling and need to find a counselor to help me. I’m addition, my mom has stage 4 lung cancer going thru radiation and chemo, older brother is struggling with his kids after a divorce in which his wife was unfaithful, and a younger brother who only calls when its in his best interest. Everyone I have ever helped or been there for i know now was only there for the help, fun, etc. No that i am unable to do much no one seems to care. I hope u can help me. I feel very alone. Thank you for any help you can offer me.

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