Bill Shorten plan to redefine marriage: Beware the red herrings!

Open Letter:

From: Richard Chieng,  Friday, 29 May 2015 4:14 PM

Dear friends,

The Labour Party in cohort with the Greens and the Gay lobby groups are trying to tire us out by their deadly persistence to change the definition of marriage in our Constitution. We must not give up in protecting the sanctity of marriage as between a man and a woman. No children of this and future generations should be deprived of the nurture and role model of a father or a mother. My earlier email yesterday has highlighted the slippery slope to a chaotic and dysfunctional society if homosexual marriage is legalised as equal to heterosecual marriage.

The homosexual lobby is actively sending out red herrings, something like, “We will likely not win this round but close”, “We will probably succeed before the end of the year”, “Our support are gaining momentum but we are not quite there yet”. PLEASE DO NOT BE DECEIVED into inaction! So I urge you to write to the MPs quickly – a line or two will do if you are too busy.

I have painstakingly “copy and paste” the email addresses of all MPs onto a list and it’s attached here for you to write to them. Simply copy and paste the list onto the “bcc” of your email in one operation. Together I believe we will make a difference – a BIG DIFFERENCE!

Love God Bless,

P/S Similar urgent appeal below from ACL

Extract from Lyle Shelton, Australian Christian Lobby: “I’m writing to you with a sense of urgency because right now, your voice is needed to help preserve marriage for future generations.

On Tuesday Bill Shorten announced his plan to redefine marriage.

At this stage it looks like debate will begin in the House of Representatives on Monday.

I know that over the years there have been a lot of false starts in the marriage debate.

The other side have chopped and changed many times.

But Bill Shorten and his Shadow Cabinet have decided to push the button on redefining marriage and now we have to act.

I’m asking you to email your local member of parliament today to ask them to vote against this bill.

Marriage is too important for our politicians to try and redefine.

Please take action today.

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