Proclaiming Truth – Confronting Evil, Real and Fictional

• THERE are times when we need to understand the times and know what to do, like the Men of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32).

• THERE are those that need to be informed, those that need to inform (yes, our preachers included) and those that need to participate in the confrontation even at the risk of being, in turn, condemned by others for the proclamation of truth.

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A Perth Church says it’s time to take a stand and protests against ‘Hannibal’

MEMBERS OF our Morley church went into battle against evil a couple of Sundays ago when they spent part of the morning service considering the film “Hannibal” and being told that their Pastor and Elders had written to the Federal Attorney-General to express strong feelings about the film which is currently showing in Perth. Continue Reading