Christians challenge Costello’s advice to ‘suck it up’

Michael Kellahan executive director of Christian think tank Freedom for Faith “If Australia wants to be able to speak with credibility to places without freedoms we need to show that we take freedom for all people seriously here,” Bruce Melle minister and assembly clerk of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, called the piece a “strid­ent, raucous overstatement” ….

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Mercy 4. Mercy and Judgement

Grace and mercy in time of need are ours for in Christ we are vessels of mercy who can confidently ask God to bring pour forth mercy through own lives. As Daniel in exile knew that the Lord would show mercy on account of his prayers and as Jesus in his petitions in Gethsemane had faith for coming mercy beyond a time of judgement, through the gospel this can be our expectation.

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Fear of God: Defining issues. Discerning good and evil. 2019 Implications for Voting.

Clearly then, laws that disregard the principle that all human life has intrinsic value in all states of disability and dependence from fertilisation to life’s natural end come into this category and party policies that exhibit this disregard should not be supported.

A critical example of this is Labor policy supporting the extension of abortion – even late-term abortion – to be available through all public hospitals, free of charge, for any reason – even including “wrong-sex” of a baby. Labor also supports the legalisation of physician-assisted suicide.

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