U.W.A. Students: Time for mass inoculations against “Mind Control” a pandemic disease. Attached VIDEO: doctor Quentin Van Meter message

THINKING NAZIS @ WORK: US doctor Quentin Van Meter stopped from speaking at U.W.A.
(GOOD NEWS: doctor Quentin Van Meter Video Of Presentation Is Below)

The disease against “Free Thinking” is alive and spreading amongst U.W.A. Students: Time for mass inoculations against this pandemic disease.

U.W.A. Chancellor’s new tool to appear “Free Thinking” but able to exercise a gagging tool! “Fear of Violence”


Threats of Violence the new tool for censorship against “Free Thinking” the new intelligence at work: welcome to the world of the Zombies (Living Dead)

15th Aug 2018 “FREE SPEECH”
Chancellor No We Will Not Cancel Meeting

17th Aug 2018 “FEAR of VIOLENCE”
Chancellor Yes We Cancel Meeting

NEWS.COM.AU | by Bethany Hiatt | August 15, 2018

A student petition calling on UWA to cancel the event, which also includes the launch of a book on the movement’s legal consequences by Patrick Byrnes, has gathered nearly 5000 signatures.

An email sent to UWA students and staff yesterday said the speakers’ previously expressed views on transgender people were at odds with the university’s values of respect for human dignity and diversity.

But cancelling the event would create
“an undesirable precedent for the exclusion of objectionable views from the campus”. “It would also give rise to arguments that the values we hold are supported by intolerant and repressive policies against those who do not share those values,” it said.

The email, signed by vice-chancellor Dawn Freshwater and chancellor Robert French, said UWA’s executive was only informed of the booking this week. (Full Article)

By James Carmody | August 17, 2018

A talk by a controversial US academic has been cancelled by the University of Western Australia on safety grounds after students protested against the transgender sceptic.

American paediatrician Quentin Van Meter, who is known for denying much of the science around transgender people, was scheduled to speak at an Australian Family Association (AFA) event on the campus this evening.

UWA had initially declined calls to cancel the event (15th Aug), citing freedom of expression, despite protests by students.

In a statement today, the university said the event had since been cancelled because the organisers did not provide risk assessment paperwork in time.

“We have been advised the risk surrounding the event has been elevated to a higher level, which mandates a more robust event management plan,” it said.

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 doctor: Quentin Van Meter “PRESENTATION AT SYDNEY”

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