There at The Cross

You carried the weights of billions
When you died there at the cross,
For the consequences of rebellion
In Eden; immense, unmeasured loss

A price beyond human resources
When you died there at the cross,
You faced down Satan’s ravages
In a conflict so horrendous

An awesome Divine intervention
When you died there at the cross,
In obedience to the Father’s direction,
The price for both humans and cosmos

You had left a home of sinlessness
When you died there at the cross,
To secure absolute righteousness,
To live in a world of dross

Victory over self and sin is now
Mine through his death on the cross,
He has fulfilled his magnificent vow
To do God’s will in a world of loss

Your death, O Christ, paid the price
When you died there at the cross,
For through that mysterious sacrifice
I am clothed with salvation’s kudos

This kudos is more than superficial
It’s a state of inner wholeness,
His cross alone gives me the credential
Of being accepted and righteous

Thank you Jesus for making the purchase
Then giving me an amazing status,
Thank you for love so enormous and generous
All through that work when you died on the cross

Galatians 6:14.  “May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

 Paul E. Grant | December 2010


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