Christian Values Checklist as at 1st July 2016

Christian Values Checklist ready for you to download and distribute to your friends depending on which state you live in. 

You can see from the ticked green boxes that there are a number of minor Christian-values-based parties included on each sheet. Sadly, not all the parties can fit on the one page sheet, so you will have to do your own research for other candidates and parties you may wish to vote for.

To make your vote count for Christian values we recommend you check out two excellent guides, which both refer to the Christian Values Checklist.

On the Salt Shakers website you will find Election 2016 page at which you can download The Christian Values Preferences Guide

Their encouragement is “DECIDE HOW you’ll vote for BEFORE leaving home!”

You can further cross-reference this information with the

Australian Christian Lobby Federal Election Guide 2016.

FamilyVoice Australia Election Surveys.

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