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  1. Mr Shorten, it is the height of arrogance to not give the Australian people a vote on the crucial issue of gay ‘marriage’.  This law has the potential make criminals of thousands of innocent Australians who will be conscientious objectors to it.  We will never, ever accept gay unions as anything other than immoral and unnatural.  And who says you are right and we are wrong? Thousands of years of human history say you are WRONG.  Who gave you a mandate to make black white and white black?  This is draconian social engineering at its worst, and typical of the left who want to ram their views down everyone else’s throat.  We will not stand for this Mr Shorten.  Even if you force it through parliament, we will never accept it.  Are you going to force us at the point of a legal ‘gun’ to bow to it?  Never!  You will not win us over by despotism!  We will resist you to the end on this.

    And one final question: would you REALLY rejoice to see your son or daughter kissing someone of the same sex?  Or would your heart sink?  I think the latter.
    I wish no harm upon those living in same-sex relationships.  Live and let live. But I will not be forced to approve of them as normal or good, when my conviction is that they are aberrant and ultimately destructive on a number of levels.   You may disagree with me, but you have no right to force me to believe as you do.  Would you like me to force you to believe what I do?

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