Need (Also) To Be Political

Why we (also) need to be political to change our culture.

Yes, we need to change people’s hearts and minds by bringing them into the Kingdom of God.

Yes, we need to educate the public – but will they read, will they come, will they listen, will we even get published?

Yes, we need to educate MPs – but I have commented before on the apparent resistance to reason that so many MPs have.  As with those of Emily’s List many are of fixed view and it seems that these prefer to remain ignorant of the consequences to society despite hard evidence e.g. if we move down the euthanasia pathway.

So, a hopeless task?  Well maybe, but even if we can only change the minds of 1 or 2 that might be enough.  Foster a relationship with an MP. Adopt a Senator.

But if indeed it is hopeless to change the minds of existing MPs then we must throw them out – like we did in WA in the last state election.  The Christian vote through preferences was instrumental in the election of 5 new MPs favourable to a culture of life.  (But that means we will have to teach people how to vote…)

So, an immensely practical point!  Please remember when voting for a minor party candidate (that’s us – vote for us) to put that person or party

[1] on your voting slip and your major party of choice

[2].  Should your minor candidate not win your vote goes on at full value and becomes very significant in who then gets elected.  Major parties know this and will sometimes change policy or select candidates that represent similar values in order to gain these preferences.  And as you probably know I would have been in state parliament for the last four years if only 91 people voting for Liberal had put me first and Liberal second.  That was in God’s hands and I have no regrets but it is a good object lesson on the importance of understanding the preferential voting system.

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Lachlan Dunjey

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