It’s time for The Peoples Charter

Lachlan Dunjey November 2009

Nicola Berkovic in The Australian  October 23, 2009 writes:  THE nation’s most powerful church leaders have united in a bid to scuttle efforts to create a national charter of human rights, warning the Rudd government it could curtail religious freedoms and give judges the power to shape laws on issues such as abortion and gay marriage.1)Clergy unite over human rights charter: NICOLA BERKOVIC From: The Australian October 23, 2009

Yes, exactly!  But isn’t this exactly what is intended? 

I can imagine the majority of the Rudd government reacting with silent glee.  After all it was the Labor government in Victoria that pushed the abortion agenda to the extreme with Queensland wanting to do the same. It was the Labor governments in Victoria and ACT that introduced Charters of Rights that specifically excluded abortion and the un-born (incredible but true).  It was the 2009 Federal ALP Conference that changed Labor’s policy taking out the section defining marriage as being between male and female – even though at this point the Commonwealth Marriage Act has been left intact (can we call this a “victory”?).

In the lead-up to the Human Rights Commission hearings, Commissioner Tom Calma2)Religious freedom and the secular state: By Rod Benson , 24 March 2009 claimed “evidence of a growing fundamentalist religious lobby, in areas such as same-sex relationships, stem-cell research and abortion”… “pushing those beliefs on the rest of society.”  Our fear should be not just that a bill of rights can be used against us but that it is intendedto be used against us.

Will Kevin Rudd hold his Christianity high and hold back the torrent?  Will Labor MPs follow what should be his strong lead?  Or will our PM, for the sake of party unity, bow to their pressure?

Now that the battle lines have been clearly defined, will there be enough MPs to not pursue a Bill of Rights in parliament – even if only for fear of a Christian backlash?  Is the Christian vote strong enough to cause that fear?  Indeed are we awake enough and united enough?  Christians have failed dismally to be strong in such issues before.

We need more than just the Christian vote. 

We need to show the general public how a bill of rights will erode freedoms that we take for granted. 

We need to show – despite the rhetoric saying otherwise – that it will threaten the Aussie fair-go.

This is what The People’s Charter is about.  It’s time to push.


and spread it around.

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Lachlan Dunjey

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