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Australian Indigenous Ministry Seminar Sat Nov 30, 2013

Thank you for your prayers and support for our first Australia Indigenous Ministry Seminar in Perth.

tim_edwardsOn Friday evening we had a great time of Worship & Word with about 80 – 90 people who came with a heart to worship; there was a tangible presence of the Lord amongst worshippers that filled the room.

After leading some beautiful worship songs in the English language, I used a set of traditional aboriginal clap sticks accompanied by a young man John playing another set of clap sticks; and I began to chant like an aboriginal language song redeeming a sound from heaven that was ordained for this land to bring praise and adoration to the Lord. (a bit hard to explain without you being there to experience it) But there came a fresh anointing from heavens ‘ Ancient of Days’ that led us to reclaim the spiritual high places across our City & Nation.

One of the Prophetic Words

A prophetic word that the Lord had gave me some time ago for Western Australia (that needed to be released in due season) that included the Christian Church also the (yet to be recognised) Indigenous Christian Leadership & Ministries.

The prophetic word is as follows:

I see in this prophetic vision the state of Western Australia the Gold, Diamonds, and Pearls very rare precious stones of great value coming out of the earth and sea being produced, refined, cut & polished on God’s cutting edge to be a great blessing not only to Australia but nations around the world.

Also like precious stones in the rough that have yet to be refined (Australian Indigenous Christian Leadership & Ministries plus many other valuable unexpected Anointed Ones) carrying the anointing given by the same precious ‘Stone’ that the builders rejected in scripture.

The anointing that will come forth is that of ‘Kings & Priests’ (Marketplace ministries & Priests in the Land) who wear precious stones on their breastplate and also in the crown on their heads; this is a powerful anointing that will not only bring down spiritual authorities in high places, but will open doors of blessings across our nation and nations across the earth will not only come and ‘receive’ but will open their doors and WA & Australia will send some rare valuable anointed ministries ordained for ‘such a time as this’.

Then the Lord said ” This is how these precious gems are developed in the earth ( in us – we are the earthen vessel ) and produced “

Diamonds – are developed through extreme pressure / more rare the diamond greater is the value.
It is then produced on God’s cutting wheel, cut in a way that the facets bring colours like the “rainbow’ revealing God’s precious promises in us.

Gold – is found in hard to get places / bigger the nuggets more chances there is a valuable reef .
It is then produced through the fire, the ‘ Fire of God ‘ extreme heat exacting impurities from our life and bring forth the ‘Glory of the Lord’
Gold represents the ‘Glory of the Lord’

Pearls – are found in the depth of the sea ( sea speaks about humanity or nations ) The pearl is the only gem that is formed out of living organism / flesh; then is separated from the flesh.
It’s process of formation comes from ‘irritation’ from the sea

Interpretation of Prophetic Word & Vision

God is developing and will raise up Aussie & Indigenous Christian Ministries in these days that will carry an amazing strong and great valuable anointing that will be have precision, rare high percentage of God’s glory and authority because they will be like the;

Diamonds – developed under extreme pressure and displaying the facets of God’s precious promises to the nations.

Gold – that has been purified through ‘God’s fire’ showing forth His Glory
There is weight in God’s Glory – weight of authority that powers of darkness will flee because these ministries carry the ‘ Glory of the Lord”

Pearls – precious gems that are produced through the ‘ irritation ‘ of the sea of humanity and separated from the flesh to bring glory & honour to the Lord.

Our Australian Indigenous Christian Leadership have been identified with Christ who Isaiah the Prophet said about the sufferings of Christ – ” Jesus was a Man of Sorrows aquatinted with grief “

Our Australian Indigenous have been through the ‘ extreme pressures’
‘purifying fire’, and constant ‘irritation’ from the sea of nations.

God is about to bring forth His Diamonds, Gold, and Pearl not as ‘precious stones in the rough ‘ but His ” precious stones’ set in the ‘breast plate ‘ of ‘ Godly Priest in the land and ‘ precious stones ‘ set in the crowns of ‘ Godly Kings ‘ market place ministries who will provide fund for ‘ Godly Priest’ to establish the House of God and our Indigenous Ministries who will bless Australia and Nations across the earth.

This is only one ‘ Prophetic Word ‘ the Lord gave me – (Pastor Tim Edwards ) but I will release others soon, some I spoke about at the seminar last Saturday.

So much more ministry & sharing regarding Australian Indigenous Christian Leadership and insight on Australia it would take pages of writing.

Please keep us in prayer and pray into this prophetic word and see how the Lord speak to you.

We would love some feedback from Saturday (if you where there) or feedback from this prophecy because we are wanting to see the fulfilment of prophecy from the Lord for WA & Australia.

Feel free to forward this ‘ Prophetic Word ‘ to other intercessors and ministries across Australia & other Nations who maybe interested in Australia & Australia Indigenous Ministries.

I am also available for guest speaking in Australia or Overseas from February 2014 and I have spoken in many Cities, Towns , Remote Communities ,and Internationally over past 25 years and have seen many ‘prophetic words’ I’ve spoken over people’s lives, Church, Communities and Businesses fulfilled. I feel in the Lord to make myself available again next year and if God leads you to sow financially into my ministry so I’m able to go, or prayer support to intercede for me, or there is a God given invitation for me please contact me.

Our next Australian Indigenous Ministry Seminar in Perth will be held 15th March 2014 at Oasis Welshpool Rd Welshpool mark it in your diary and encourage others to plan to join us.

Blessings from

Pastor Tim Edwards


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