Global Day of Prayer (World Day of Prayer) March 04, 2016

by Timothy Tay

Looking Back G O D P

Looking Forward W D O P
World Day of Prayer 
March 04, 2016 



[1]WIN’s Robin Walker proudly unfurled the Aussie flag at the GDOP 10th anniversary conference in Cape Town [top].What started 10 years ago as a combined church gathering in Cape Town, South Africa, for prayer is now the single largest non-denominational prayer movement.

 On May 23 2000, Pentecost Sunday, over 400 millions prayed in churches and public halls in all 200+ nations on earth.
In Perth, there were churches and prayer groups involved on the day but the one at Curtin University, anchored by Zion Praise Harvest, is worth mentioning here. The senior pastor, Patrick Chen, wrote, “We had a great time. There were great participation from many churches and organisations. The worship & prayer atmosphere was awesome!.”


[2]Graham Power G D O P started humbly when Graham Power, a businessman and a new convert, asked some church pastors with childlikeness candor on why can’t Christians get together to pray in his city considering the precarious situation the city was facing.

At that time South Africa was just a few years free from the Apartheid era. Graham was happy to report that the last bombing in his city happened just days before the prayer gathering 10 years ago and there is no repeat ever since. With the success of the initial 45,000-strong attendance at the city’s rugby stadium the event was repeated in many cities, some with 100,000s in attendance, all over the world in a short few years.

Edmund Chan from Singapore said that there is no other event in Singapore that unify the churches in his city in such a way and in such a scale as the GDOP event. Hong Kong, Jakarta and many other cities around the world reported similar experience.


[3]GDOP Perth 2007 In Perth in 2007 the GDOP event drew a few thousands into Challenge Stadium for prayer under the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation between the indigenous people and the rest of the Australian communities.

What followed were some remarkable events – the first declaration of ‘Sorry’ by the prime minister of Australia following a surprise victory in the general election that year, a noticeable and positive shift in the national conscience towards the first people of Australia and the beginning of some bold attempts to put all of these into practice like the Generation One initiative.

If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
(2 Ch 7:14 -G D O P’s guiding verse from the Bible)


1 WIN’s Robin Walker proudly unfurled the Aussie flag at the GDOP 10th anniversary conference in Cape Town [top].
2 Graham Power
3 GDOP Perth 2007

Timothy Tay

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