Freedom from Unforgiveness


All through life, none of us can be spared from being hurt by others.

We encounter abuse, rejection, ridicule and pain.

From time to time, whether it is family members, colleagues and friends, or even strangers, people will inevitably get on our nerves.

Sadly, even our most beloved and trusted friends or family members will upset us. I find the devil will often use people who are closest to us to hurt us because when we are hurt by those dear to our hearts, the pain goes deeper.

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Title Freedom from Unforgiveness
Freedom Series
Authors Teresa TayHope to the Nations
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Publisher [Welshpool], W.A. : Hope to the Nations Publications, 2009.
ISBN 0980610303, 9780980610307
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Chapter 1

If the pain inflicted upon us is not dealt with, it affects our personality, thus spilling over into our thought life and actions. An unforgiving heart is a resentful, bitter and angry heart. Such a heart gives rise to ‘bitter words and actions’ like hatred, manipulation, vengeance, argumentative behaviour, frustration and pride. These are poisons that have developed in us out of unforgiveness. Where there is bitterness and unforgiveness, there is no room for Godliness to flow in our hearts as it chokes out every Godly trait in us. In addition to self-destruction, our relationships with people are impaired because no one likes to be around bitter, angry people.

People with unforgiving hearts have a tendency to get angry with God. Often we hear people say, ‘God doesn’t really love me. Or else how could a loving God allow this kind of thing to happen? If He really loves me, He would have stopped this from happening to me.’ We have a tendency to blame God and demand for justice from Him.

As you read this booklet, perhaps you have been betrayed by someone or you have been unfairly treated. Perhaps you have been a victim of circumstance that was beyond your control. Perhaps you have been accused of something when you were innocent. Whatever the reason, the bible has just one command, forgive. God knows the danger that unforgiveness can do to us and He is asking us to forgive so that we will continue to walk in His plans and purposes for our lives.


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