The Seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia

The incumbent Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is under pressure to quit by Oct 9. Several UMNO supreme council members have demanded Abdullah to step down now to “save him from the embarrassment” of not getting enough nominations for the UMNO presidency. The pressure on Abdullah may even be due to a more serious fear.

Pastor Allen Tan (Yew Fook)
The third Parliament sitting will resume on Oct 13, and the Opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, may table the motion of no-confidence against Abdullah. UMNO puts high hope in Najib. After taking over the PM’s post, he will probably be able to win the confidence of Barisan Nasional MPs. But there is no guarantee that Najib is able to prevent his BN MPs from defecting.Many Malaysians used to talk about the alphabetical lineup for “RAHMAN”:

R – Tunku Abdul Rahman*
A – Abdul Razak
H – Hussein Onn
M – Mahathir mohamad
A – Abudullah Badawi
N – Najib Razak?

*But I don’t know why people used Tunku’s family name of “Raman” instead of his name “Abdul”.So could Najib be the sixth PM of Malaysia? In that case, before PR could have a chance to take over power, a change of leadership will first take place within UMNO? Then would Anwar Ibrahim become the seventh PM then?

I pointed out this thing because many people put high hope on Anwar in bringing about reform to our politics, judiciary, economy, royal police force and Anti-Corruption Agency. Moreover Anwar vows to do away with racial politics. People also hope that the new PR government would clean up corruption and do away with those “Acts” that have violated human rights.

Thus eventually the country will move into justice and fairness.Some three months ago Pastor Henry K. Pillai sent out a book called “Malaysia, the Rainbow Nation of Asia” (Publisher: High Calling Outreach Publications, 2007) to many Ministers of God.

The author, Steve Ogan, is residing in Nigeria. He spent quite a long period of time in Malaysia studying about this country.Why do I talk about the seventh Prime Minister at this moment? I do it so that you can have a clearer idea to pray according to God’s will and timing.

The number “7” is very significant to Malaysia:

  • God’s complete number – 7
  • The rainbow – 7 colors
  • Malaya became independent on 31.8.1957, and these numbers add up together – 7
  • The word MERDEKA – 7 letters
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman proclaimed the word MERDEKA – 7 times
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman – the 7th son of a Malay Sultan
  • The points of star in the Malaysia flag – 14 (double of 7)
  • The stripes in the Malaysia flag – 14 (double of 7) – Red stripes – 7 – White stripes – 7

For your interest, let me quote a portion from the book I mentioned (with permission from the publisher in Malaysia, John Nelson Cooray).

Subtitle: MALAYSIA AS A RAINBOW ARK (pages 46-47):

“God designed Malaysia as a Rainbow Ark of mercy and grace – a place where people with the rainbow character of Noah will make room for both the clean and unclean. Noah was described as perfect. Seven is the number of perfection and there are seven colors in the rainbow. Consequently, Noah had a rainbow character.God’s will is that all the leaders of Malaysia will have a rainbow character. The five Prime Ministers of Malaysia since independence have at least one point or the other demonstrated this character. But there will come the seventh Prime Minister who will be the supreme embodiment of beauty and balance, mercy and grace.

He will bring the rainbow nation to a height never known before. He will carry the heart of Noah with the colorful disposition of the rainbow. The seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia will carry the grace of all his five predecessors in an amazing combination. He will manifest the jubilee grace with the capacity of bringing Malaysia into a new season of release, rest and restoration. Because of the significance of his leadership profile there will be an intensive contest for the position of the seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia.”The book is really prophetic.

These are some of the possibilities:

1. Abdullah will pass the baton to Najib before the next Parliament session, i.e. before Oct 13.

2. Abdullah will not contest in UMNO election. Traditionally the DPM, Najib, will take over.

3. Some people said our DPM’s full name is Mohamad Najib bin Abdul Razak. If it is so, he does not fit in the letter of “N” in the word “RAHMAN”. Then someone from UMNO will succeed Abdullah.

4. BN under the leadership of the sixth PM (Najib?) only survives for a short period of time, as PR would soon be successful in seizing government. Then Anwar will be the seventh PM?

5. PR is successful in seizing government before Abdullah could pass his baton to someone else. Then Anwar will be the sixth PM.

6. PR is not successful in seizing government. And in the next General Election, BN will lose its power to PR.

Then Anwar will be the seventh PM?

Let us pray! God will bless Malaysia.

God has already prepared someone who will be the seventh PM of Malaysia. Malaysia, A Truly Rainbow Nation of Asia! Malaysians will bring redemption to all the people in Asia.September 28,, 2008

Addendum September 26, 2008

I wrote the following article on Sep 20. After a few days there were new developments. Nevertheless, it will not affect my purpose of conveying a message that “The Seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia” should be noted by Christians who showed concerns about Malaysia. Among all component parties of BN, UMNO is the most undemocratic party.

The harm was caused by Mahathir who amended UMNO by-law that the president’s seat requires a 30% nomination from divisions. Added to these, the both Mahathir and Abdullah were calling for nil-contest for the 2 highest posts with the excuse of so-called “party unity”. Despite Abdullah has become utterly unpopular, he was unwilling to step down and pass the baton. But would the people be able to accept Najib as their PM?

Many people who wanted a change would hope that PR would be able to take over power soonest possible. If not, at least they could see an open contest for presidency in UMNO election. Postponing party election not only deprived the grassroots’ rights, but will worsen the country’s economies when many more FDI will abandon their investments.

For the past few months RM125b FDI were pull out from our markets. In July the inflation rate was 8.5%, highest in 27 years.

Now the question is:

Will the authority put Anwar in jail over the sodomy charges?

Does God have a purpose to ordain him as The Seventh PM instead of The Sixth one?

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