Real Highs: getting there

by Charles Slack

I’m not the only one who prays constantly for knowledge of God’s will.  Most Christians are eager to know what He wants.  (As a recovered drug addict, I really need to know.)  Yet the Bible states God’s perfect will clearly and concisely in a one simple sentence, “Don’t get drunk!” (Ephesians 5:18) and Ephesians 5:19-21 says why: you can’t know God or real happiness.  To have the “joy of the Lord”, we must not be intoxicated or hung over – not in the least.

Gods Stuff

 On the day of Pentecost, 120 people acted as if drunk. 

Thank God they were sober – or there might be no church today. 

Onlookers suspected intoxication. 

Had the 120 been smoking a bit of dope, 3000 people might have been tragically disappointed. 

Receiving the gifts of God’s Holy Spirit requires a clean brain and a clear sensorium.

It’s all about experiencing the presence of God, engrossing in His Love, appreciating His gifts, feeling sin-free and guilt-free; having no hang-ups, fears, compulsions, obsessions, addictions, neuroses, psychoses or other “issues”.  No worries!

A legal high

We switch spirits: one goes out and another comes in.  Spirits of alcohol (and drugs) go away and the Holy Spirit comes to stay. 

We seek God with a clean brain clean and a clear mind, and He gives us a big taste of His love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control – as well as His surprising gifts of deep understanding, improved communication, wisdom, knowledge and prediction (1 Corinthians 12:7-11).  Giving away drugs and alcohol is a small price to pay for incredible experiences.  It’s too good to be true but it is absolutely true – a promise from God – the real high and (Galatians 5:23) it’s perfectly legal!  Drugs are a sensation but God’s high is a reality.  It doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen.  It took me many months years – I was slower than most – but the result was incredible, more than worth it.  Persist!  God will bring it to pass.  There’s spirituality and physiology involved.  I’m SO glad I didn’t pick up.

Physiological principle

Drugs of addiction are all substitutes that mimic substances naturally produced by the body.  Our glands contain natural, internal drug labs that continually supply what we need to relieve pain and react under pressure.  The body’s manufacturing plants are better than anything man has devised.  Opiate drugs like morphine, heroin, codeine, methadone and the rest, are all substitutes for internally-produced endorphins. Amphetamines are nothing but substitutes for naturally produced adrenalin, and so it goes.  Whenever a substitute drug is injected or ingested, the body slows down its own natural production. 

Result: you need more and more substitutes – you get addicted.  You can’t quit without withdrawal symptoms.  The good news: if you stay completely abstinent until your body begins normal production, and you are ready to experience God’s presence in your life.

With spiritual ramifications

The natural functions of relieving pain and triggering emergency reactions, keep us alive through stress, trauma, anguish agony etc.  But endorphins and other natural drugs also have spiritual functions and these are even more important.  The spiritual functions make life worth living.  They make our relationship to God an ecstatic affiliation – literally indescribable – words fail: you must “taste and see” (Psalm 34) for yourself.  It takes time.  It takes persistence.  It takes trust and faith but, no worries, He will definitely give you a taste.  He loves drug addicts.  I should know!

Conclusion: every drug high is a synthetic, second-rate, substitute for what God has in store.  Let’s get there together.  See you in church.


Charles Slack

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