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Brett & Justine Wiltshire 2019 Newsletter (Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries)

Greetings family and friends. We are excited to share with you all, that this Easter marked our 19th year in Indigenous Ministries. What an amazing journey it has been! Beginning back in 2000 with doing our first 18 months in Halls Creek under AOG World Missions ‘Training and Field Orientation’, and continuing on into becoming the Senior Pastors of the ACC Church in Halls Creek and training many of those people now ministering in AAOM, to the present, where we have for the last 4.5 years been the National Director of a ministry that is Australia wide, and leading people to Christ and discipling to maturity.

We certainly are not the same people we started out as.

We could never of imagined in a million years the people we would have met, the places we have seen and the many experiences that have shaped us. It has, and is a privilege and blessing to serve and love people in building the Kingdom of God.

We are so thankful for everyone that has enabled us to do so.

We are, and will be forever grateful and thankful for those that have walked beside us over the years, long and short and everything in between.. Our children are now grown, and are beautiful and kind people.

Brett Jnr has completed his trade in air-conditioning and refrigeration and continues to live in Halls Creek, and is loved by all. Kayla and Nicolas are expecting their first child in July, and continue to work and flourish in Newman, and build their bright future together, and Brittany is approaching her first 12 months in Geraldton after living in Halls Creek for 18 years. She is embracing life and loving her job at Sun City Christian Centre. In everything we have worked for, achieved and been given, we give God the Glory. What an amazing journey it has been!!

Presently we are working hard with our team and ACC WA State Executive, in seeing five of our Indigenous Leaders whom are presently leading AAOM Churches, in seeing the finalisation of their PMC application.

This has been a long time in coming and we are so excited to see it progress. Many of us understand the need for transparency and accountability, as well as continuing to understand the greater role and responsibilities of being a Pastor.

Gone are the days where one just visits and prepares their weekly sermon (not that we think it was this simple).

Today in ministry, we have to know and understand constitution, policies and legalities and the list goes on and on.

We understand that this is of the the highest importance, and it is necessary in today’s world, in caring for our people and churches.

Being in a cross cultural situation, we have found it has had many challenges along the way, not only for us, but for those that we are trying to equip.

So we would love it if you could be praying for us all, that it will go smoothly and successfully from here on out.  

We just want to say a huge Thank you to our ACC National and State Executive in helping us and supporting us through this entire process.


These last 4 months AAOM has held a number of events.

Each program offering something different, not only meeting physical and spiritual needs but also giving the local people the opportunity to take ownership, and outreach into their communities.The first was the AAOM Christmas Convention held in Derby.

This was a 5 day camping convention where Churches and people gathered together to fellowship and be encouraged. The second event was a  3 day Pastors and Leadership Summit at Fitzroy Crossing facilitated by our West Kimberley Area Support Leader, and where Ps Les Freeman and Ps John Cannone were invited to attend, to teach and encourage our leaders. And just recently the Easter Convention, hosted by Pastor Warren and Sheena Luscombe.

It was a great time and AAOM was blessed to have a team from SCKC (Southern Cross Kids Camp) led by Peter and Sandy Lusk. This was the first time that they have ministered to the children and it was a really special time for all and we genuinely look forward to partnering together again in the future.

We believe and understand that to build Pastors and leaders, we need to empower and trust them to lead. In these last 4.5 years we have worked hard to position people correctly, champion the call and designate Godly authority in the right places, at the right time.

For AAOM to move forward into the future, we have known that this had to be done, even though there has been many challenges, it is 100% worth it.

Our heart has never been about building a ministry but has always been about building Kingdom, working together, and building into people for Kingdom purpose. This is our calling..


Ps Bernard Stretch rang just recently to speak about a local community Indigenous man that he recently reached out to. Ps Bernard approached him uptown in the park, on the main street in Halls creek, to talk to him about the Lord.

When talking the man mentioned how sick he had been and that he was needing to go to the hospital.

Ps Bernard asked if he could pray for Him, which he did and a few days later the man came to the church service, to say that  immediately he began to recover and that he didn’t need to go see a doctor.

Praise God! Since that time the man has been attending every and any service that he can, and in that time has made a decision to follow the Lord.

He is a quiet older man but seems very sincere and is drawing close and building relationships. 

This has excited and encouraged Ps Bernard very much. God is so Good!


Brett & Justine Wiltshire

In December the AAOM Board gathered together in Sydney with us being Skype’d in. The 6 monthly report was given and received well.

During this meeting we brought up the need for extra support for our on field workers and it was also discussed that there was a need for a team to be put together to support us in our roles in practical areas such as tech support and some areas of ministry.

Our AAOM Board is such a blessing to us in ministry, and personally as well. This present season has had its challenges and we are thankful for their faithfulness, giftedness, wisdom, strength and their individual generosity in giving their resources, and their time.

Just recently Ps Michael Mackerell contacted the board to notify us all of some exciting news, with Pastors Michael and Karen moving to Germany, in being invited to take on Pastoring a local German Church for the next 2 years.

This sadly means that Ps Michael has had to step down from the AAOM board, but we are ever so grateful for technology, and we will continue to keep in touch and seek their counsel.

We just want to take this moment to Thank them both in loving us and being like our spiritual parents.. 

For serving as our Senior Pastors when we lived in Caboolture from 1993-2000, and releasing us into our calling, and then from 2000 to present day, ministering alongside us at AAOM Conventions, Seminars, Leadership Retreats, Men’s and Women’s events, and so on.

Michael and Karen have been a constant source of encouragement, wisdom, love and strength throughout all theses years.

We honour them as they continue to inspire us in our family, our marriage, ministry and life. We love you both and we are so excited to see what the Lord will do! So on behalf of all of our Board, Pastors, Missionaries, Churches, team and family at AAOM we want to say Thank you and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Current Projects

Currently we are trying to gather a volunteer team together to help build the ‘ihope youth centre’ in Halls Creek.

We have an urgent need in securing a project manager and/or a licensed WA builder that would be able to oversee this project.

If you or anyone you know may be interested, we would dearly love to hear.

The finances have been generously donated by the wonderful Calaoukas Family, through the AAOM’ ihope Foundation’.

To see it built we need these things done:

Step 1: Build Prepare Formwork and Roughing for the Plumbing, for the Foundation and Concrete Poured and Leveled.

Step 2: Erect Kit Building to Lock Up Stage.

Step 3: Internal fit out and Electrics and Plumbing Completed

Our vision, is for it to be a fun and safe place, in which children and youth can gather together.

Where both indigenous and non- indigenous role models and respected elders, from the local community can come.

With the purpose of being an encouragement, inputting and teaching values and culture, and mentoring young people to know their own value.

Where young people can have the opportunity to choose to live a life with purpose! To be encouraged to dream and be given the tools to be able to make their dreams a reality.

We would love to see this built and completed by the end of 2020 or sooner.

We are always on the lookout for people and couples who are either looking to do a short term missions trip, or eager to possibly commit to something more.. maybe like serving for 12 months alongside some of our team in one of the AAOM churches.

If that’s you, or someone in your church, please contact us via our details at the bottom of this email.

Presently we are blessed to have a couple, Brian and Isobel Pither from Citylife church, whom have been great friends and faithful supporters and co workers.

Over the years as we shared about this need, they had expressed that they would be open in going and serving, in some capacity and do some relief work.

We were blessed, that when we reached out to them to ask if they would consider relieving some of our AAOM Pastors , that they said YES!.

It was wonderful to be able to help facilitate this.

It took some time but it is great that our people can take some much needed time off.

We are incredibly thankful for the partnerships that have developed over many years and we would really appreciate if you could be praying for Brian and Isobel as they are currently in Mount Isa, and teams from Citylife and YWAM Perth that are preparing to come and serve soon.


9th July – 14th July

In July, at Halls Creek the annual AAOM convention will be taking place.

This year at convention we have great ministry lined up with 3 Leadership morning sessions and nightly meetings with fantastic guest speakers.

Something a little different but AAOM is excited.

As we have had over the last few years, we once again have teams from YWAM Perth coming to minister to our primary school aged children.

It has been a busy time securing off site facilities, but we are thankful for the favour that we have in Halls Creek, as it has taken many years to build credibility.

So if you would like a pdf of the conference information poster, please contact us.

Where Most Needed.

The ‘Where Most Needed’ Project is exactly what is name implies.

It was created for the purpose of specifically raising funds for AAOM as a whole, in being able to be used for any emergency situations that may arise such as vehicle & building maintenance, and any other practical ministry on-field ministry needs such as Education and Awareness Support, Projects, Audio and Visual Equipment and Ministry Teaching tools etc.

People can Support monthly or make a one off donation by:

Direct Deposit

Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries Inc

BSB: 082-610

Account number: 892443682

Please clearly state in the ‘Reference/Description’ field if you would like your donation to go to the ‘where most needed’


Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries Inc

Postal address: PO Box 2237, Tuggeranong DC, ACT 2901


We would really appreciate your prayers as we work from Geraldton.

It has been a season that has seen us having to stop in one place, after being on the road constantly these many years.

• Please Pray for Bretts Continued Healing from Muscle Issues, Stress and Anxiety.

We are blessed that we are able to lead and facilitate the work of the ministry from our base at this time.

Also Could You Please Continue To Pray For Our Own Ongoing Personal Ministry Support.

With so many pressures on Churches and families we know what a step of faith it is to partner faithfully with a ministry such as ours.

You have enabled us these 19 years to serve, raise a family, and see people come to know Christ in a real and life changing way.

Our greatest fulfilment has been in seeing people lives radically changed and empowered and equipped to be all that the Lord has called them to be. We love you and we give Thanks for you!  

God Bless, Brett & Jus

+61 (0) 428 168 480



Brett Wiltshire

Brett Wiltshire


Brett Wiltshire

Justine Wiltshire


Justine & Brett Wiltshire Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries AAOM News Letter

29 May 2018, 10:46

Brett & Justine Wiltshire
Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries

2018 Newsletter

Greetings Family & Friends,

Justine & Brett Wiltshire

The beginning of 2018 began as a very busy one with Brett flying to Melbourne and meeting with Bridge Church Leaders and presenting a small section of the AAOM EAM (Effective Aboriginal seminar) at their Hope night, as well as ministering at CityView Church in Perth at their annual Missions weekend. We are always so excited for this sort of opportunity to come and teach, speak and encourage people on the great need to reach ‘Samaria’.

In today’s world with so many distractions and in this present climate of political correctness, Indigenous missions and cross cultural ministry to First Nation people, isn’t easily accepted or approved of. But the truth is, that the need to reach people with the redemptive love, grace and power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has never been greater. Justice and good works combined with the teaching and preaching of Gods Word is the key to seeing peoples lives, and physical situation changed permanently.

To see people empowered and become the community role models, leaders, Pastors, workers, church members and mentors that they were meant to be, gives us the greatest joy and fulfilment. We praise God for our AAOM workers on the field, but the harvest is ripe and the workers are few. We are in desperate need for workers; full-time, short term, volunteers, retired folk, relief ministry, building teams, youth workers, helps ministry, bible teachers and so on.

If you or someone you know would like to get in touch to talk about what opportunities there are, we would love to hear from you! Or maybe you would like to host an EAM (Effective Aboriginal Ministry) Seminar and have us come… Our desire is to partner and help wherever we can.


We have been blessed to see some of the projects move forward, with a second hand 12 seater bus being purchased for the Halls Creek Church, new floor coverings for the Derby and Fitzroy Crossing Churches, and a team just recently going to Wilcannia to fix and make the new AAOM Pastors house into a Home. A huge thank you to the individuals and churches that so generously and sacrificially gave.

We are excited to report that after 14 years of believing for a children’s and youth ministry facility, that we will in the next 12 months, begin building our first ihope centre (indigenous hope centre) in Halls Creek. We have finalised the architect plans and are now in the process of submitting our building proposal to the Halls Creek Shire.

We would really appreciate your prayers as this has a number of steps and we need favour and approval from the local council. At this time our urgent need is for a registered WA builder to partner with us and the volunteer building teams we are organising.

Thank you to the amazing generosity of one couple who over a number of years planned and saved and went through some pretty major challenges, but faithfully kept their promise that they made to the Lord, to give this extraordinary donation to bless and love on the young people of Halls Creek. This couple testify to the goodness and blessing that they have received by their Kingdom giving. God is so Good!

After our National AAOM convention in Halls Creek we have an MMM team coming to help fix the Halls Creek Church leaking roof, and also undertake the building of our new boundary line that includes where our AAOM training house is and soon to be ihope centre will be.

Building and vehicle maintenance is an area  where help is always needed, as the charges that we have to pay for skilled labor is exorbitant most of the time. MMM is a great volunteer organisation and we are blessed that they have partnered with our AAOM churches in different areas to see Vision come to pass and facilities be the the best they can be to bless and serve the community.

KMS TRAVELLED: This year so far Brett has flown 12,000 kms, and we have driven just under 20,000 kms. Thank you to all our prayer partners that faithfully pray for us every week. Prayer is paramount to safety, success and breakthrough and we just couldn’t do it without the prayer covering we receive.

2018 Pastors Ministry Retreat: was a huge success with many of our Senior Pastors and Missionaries travelling to Broome to attend our Bi-annual retreat. The decision was made to make this retreat every 2 years for a couple of reasons. The first being that time away from their churches is not easy and secondly, we believe that attending ACC State and National Conferences is really important and we are encouraging our Pastors to include this in their yearly plans. 

Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries (AAOM) has been a part of the ACC, formerly known as the AOG movement and World Missions since 1982.

RIGHTJust recently our AAOM Pastors gathered together for 3 days of leadership ministry, encouragement and time together. It was a truly blessed time.

We all enjoyed and appreciated the time we were able to spend with Ps Jon and Edie Cathie as we have designed it to maximise meaningful interaction and discussion, not just in the tea break, but over a meal, and back at the bungalows, where up to 3 couples from different churches are housed together. Many of our people love being able to connect to our guest ministry, particularly in receiving even more encouragement and understanding as they are ministered to with word and leadership teaching.

At this time we also completed 6 credential applications and took new profile photos of all our workers to update our AAOM website and database. The three days flew by with much being accomplished but mostly our Pastors being encouraged and inspired to keep going. From us, the AAOM Board, our Pastors and Missionaries we can’t Thank enough all that people gave in making this Ministry retreat possible.

If you would like to hear just a 30 sec video from one of our most AAOM Senior men Ps Gerard Killer, sharing what he thought about the retreat please go to our AAOM Facebook page and check it out.

ITINERARY AHEAD… SO FAR ANYWAY: June we are taking furlough and we have been incredibly blessed by our son. Brett Max has paid for us to visit the UK for our very first time and go see friends Peter and Carol Hall whom have planted a Church in Stirling Scotland and visit our dear friends Pete and Jen Etherton.

Once we return we will be busy preparing and travelling to Halls Creek for our AAOM National Convention 7th-12th August. We are blessed to have Ps Wayne Alcorn our ACC National President come and minister, as well as some of our Senior Aboriginal Pastors. Brett will be teaching the EAM Seminar over three mornings and we are excited to once again have a YWAM Perth team come and bless our kids with a week of special ministry designed just for them.

In September we will than be travelling onto North Queensland to Cardwell to teach the EAM seminar and attend the Convention.

October we will than be heading back to WA and we will be attending our State Conference and be ministering at Oceans Church in Albany and back to Perth to visit and minister.

KEEPING CONNECTED: Being that newsletters are becoming a thing of the past and not the popular way in which people and churches like to be kept updated, we have made the decision of only doing 2 newsletters a year. Instead we want to focus on doing more short video updates, talking on life, ministry, projects etc and uploading them to our Facebook pages and YouTube.

But for this to be effective and reach people we need your help to reach as many people as we can. So at the very bottom of this newsletter we have included our Facebook and YouTube details for yourself, but also if you are a Pastor or Church Missions coordinator, we think it would be a great idea if you could also add these details onto your church mission website pages and information boards or wherever else you think is suitable, so that way we can better serve you and keep connected. As we understand how important it is and we truly value our partnership and friendship with you all. We are just wanting to communicate better and wider.

We give thanks for each of you, your prayers, your giving, the giving of your resources, your time, your friendship, your partnership and your love. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the task at hand and for the responsibility we have been given and called by God to do, but than we remember you…and that we are in this together and that together we are fighting the good fight of Faith. We are each running in our lane, cheering and championing each other on and this encourages and spurs are on so much.  Just recently we heard a quote by Helen Keller and it really touched our hearts… ‘ Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’

Be encouraged Saints..We are..
Praying abundance and overflow!
Much love,
Brett & Justine

Brett introducing a new song to the Wilcannia music team

Above: Brett introducing a new song to the Wilcannia music team

Our new ministry logo. Depicting oneness and the colours representing Indigenous Communities from the red hues of the desert, to the aqua blue of the ocean seas. Where the ‘O” is placed it is where the very first AAOM Church was planted in Halls Creek.


Families praising Jesus unashamed

Marissa and bub at the Derby Christmas AAOM Convention

LEFT: Justine & Linda.. Justine had the privilege to lead Linda to the Lord 12 yrs ago and she was instantly set free from alcoholism.

Linda works at the local radio station and is an incredible role model.  

A faithful woman who’s transformation gives hope!!


PLEASE PRAY: for Brett as he teaches the 3 day EAM seminar and also for Ps Wayne Alcorn, Ps Gerard Killer and Ps Eddie Bear as they minister at the main meetings.


ABOVE: Brett sharing his personal testimony to some young people in Ayr Qld.

ABOVE: Some 12 years ago we trained Lawford and Roslyn for the ministry and sent them to Wangkatjungka to plant an AAOM ACC church. This Christmas they and some of their church members lead the service. So wonderful to see this generation being raised up.

ABOVE: AAOM is Working together..transforming communities #2018Ministry Retreat Broome

LEFT: is a picture of the Pastors laying hands and praying a blessing over our special guests.

AAOM is incredibly blessed to be supported by so many. Recently Ps Jon and Edie Cathie, Senior Pastor from Capital Edge Church in Canberra came and blessed our leaders with fresh, prophetic and anointed ministry that was in step and season.

It truly was a special 3 days that has deepened friendships and encouraged us all.

ABOVE: A great opportunity was given to the church at the Halls Creek community Christmas Carols to proclaim the true message of Christmas.

LEFT: We were blessed to be invited by Ps Stewart and Heather McIlwraith of Oasis Church, Ceduna SA to come and share about the work of AAOM and it was a privilege for Brett to preach at their Sunday Service. A huge thank you to them as they housed our bus whilst it had mechanical repairs being done.

LEFT: is a picture of some of the ladies enjoying a hot cuppa after.

We were blessed to be invited by Ps John & Jenny Davidson of the AAOM Carnarvon Church to come and minister over the Easter weekend.
Brett preached at 4 services and Justine, at the women’s meeting. The report we have received is that those who made a decision to follow Christ are still going strongly and the Church as a whole has been greatly encouraged.

LEFT: Partnership is so wonderful and were so blessed to meet Ps Pamela and Luke Haneveld, Ps Jon and Ps Vicki Brand and the team and be given the opportunity to minister at their 2018 Missions weekend in January. Brett taught a section of the EAM Seminar over 3 meetings and we were blessed by the many that came and the beautiful catering that was provided. Cityview Church is a great Church full of amazing and friendly people. We can’t wait to go back!

BELOW: Blessed to have these amazing people from YWAM Perth partnering with us.

Here we are pictured at our planning meeting for the AAOM National Convention in Halls Creek as they will be ministering alongside us.


RIGHT: The week after returning from the Kimberley, we celebrated our youngest daughter Brittany turn 21. We were able to surprise her with having her Aunty, Niece and Brother fly in for her special dinner. It had Ben nearly 2 years since we were all together.

ABOVE: Some of the AAOM Pastors that were blessed by the ministry of Ps Jon & Edie Cathie. It was a great time of input and fellowship for all those who attended.Thank you to everyone who made it possible through support, finances and prayers.

LEFT: Pictured here is a team from one of our partners, CityLife Church working on one of our AAOM Pastors house in Wilcannia.

We so appreciate the hard work that was put in and the time and resources that were so generously given.

How wonderful it is to turn a house into a home.

LEFT: Here pictured is the new floor coverings for the Derby and Fitzroy Crossing AAOM Churches.

A huge Thank you to Ps Josh Fernandez and GraceLife Church for getting behind this project.

When we told Ps Warren & Sheena Luscombe they were so happy and extremely thankful.

National Director Contact Details:
Email: brettwa@me.com
Mobile: 0427 423 161

JijaHood Women:
Email: justinewiltshire@icloud.com
Mobile:0428 168 480

WEBSITE: www.AAOM.org.au

Brett Wiltshire
Justine Wiltshire

YouTube: brettwa