Healing the Broken Heart of Australia “REPORT”

56 Days Non Stop Around Australia

8 Capital Cities in 8 weeks

Dear South West Prayer Network and Friends of the Gospel,

It’s been a long time on the road!  I just returned home on Monday evening of the 5th of March after travelling fifty six days non-stop around Australia to eight capital cities in eight weeks with Team Kenya and other Australian Leaders. Every night at 7.00 pm we were preaching with one night where we didn’t make it in time.

I want to thank everyone who was involved with Healing the Broken Heart of Australia in these past 2 months.  Especially our coordinators in each of the eight cities… THANK YOU SO MUCH!

All our prayer partners, THANK YOU!  We stepped into something very, very great in God.  I ask your forgiveness for those I have forgotten to mention, my apologies everyone.

SPECIAL THANKS to Francis Borsic from Port Hedland who sacrificed her life and home to serve God with me for the past year.

SPECIAL THANKS to Team Africa for their gift of love and extreme sacrifice in paying their own fares and coming to Australia in sometimes pretty rugged conditions and then going home to personal hardship.

First Four Cities:

Second Four Cities:



The reason for such a trip was concerning revelation, visions, dreams and missions over several years into Africa and Pakistan since 2013.

“Overthrow 2017” was the gathering that was held in Mount Barker, Western Australia last year in Pastor Mike and Lisa’s church.  This gathering was significant to understanding the timing of God and His heart for Australia right now and where he was taking us.  The nation of Australia had a broken heart.

During the first four cities, Apostle Frederick Indangasi Isoyi was partnering with Arrow Head International and was a key person and very significant in our ability to take a team of seven Senior Pastors mostly from the Baptist Church in Kenya.

Fred represents “Jesus Power Evangelistic Missions International” based in Mtwapa, Mombassa, Kenya.  With him comes the support of thousands of Baptist Churches.

Apostle Solomon Okumu is the Pastor of Destiny Outreach Church in Mtomondoni, Mtwapa, Mombassa, Kenya.  Solomon was the first pastor who opened the door for me to go into Africa and to preach and hold my own leaders conference in partnership with his ministry for that time.

The Journey Began on the 8th of January

Perth, Western Australia is where we began our journey on the 8th of January 2018.  During that crusade, I was already thinking about the 8 weeks away from home and family and counting the cost.

Praise God!  We have obeyed the Lord in going to every capital city of Australia in 8 weeks.  A total of 56 days non stop and holding meetings every night with one exception when we travelled by plane from Perth to Melbourne and we didn’t arrive in time for our first evening meeting.

Support the work of the ministry 7 more years to go

Please support the work of the Lord through your finances and prayer.

During the past 2 months, the Lord has shown us that this was just the foundation year and that there are 7 more years to go.  We need your help and thank you to those who sowed into the ministry in accomplishing the task of Healing The Broken Heart of Australia in our Maiden voyage around Australia.


Account Name:  Arrow Head International,

BSB Number: 036032,

Account Number:  524137

Maybe you can sow $1000, if that’s you, praise God!  There has been an anointing on a call for $1000 which started in Perth, Western Australia. 

Your assistance is required to complete the mission of HEALING THE BROKEN HEART OF AUSTRALIA.  And also for me to go to Africa next month for the Annual Fire Conference with Sister Eunice Indangasi and to plan for next year with Apostle Fred and the team there.

New Assignments into Alice Springs and Kenya, Africa

I am calling our Australian Team from Healing The Broken Heart of Australia to Alice Springs to support Pastor Sharon Lowah at Easter this year.

More details will follow, but we are planning to be there from the 30th of March for 3 days.

2019 Healing the Broken Heart of Australia 

The 2nd Circuit around Australia – will you join us as we pick up momentum in the coming year for HEALING THE BROKEN HEART OF AUSTRALIA in 2019.

I will be travelling back to Kenya to continue our discussions and making plans for our second circuit around Australia.  I need your support for these missions and to continue to build in Australia and in relationships with Africa.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and for standing with us in this past year.  We were able to do the task the Lord had given us this year.  7 more years to go and maybe you will be able to physically join us next year.  Pray about it.  Ask the Lord what He wants you to do… revival and transformation is what is being released and more as we travelled around the nation.  We can’t stop now… the Lord is breathing on us… Amen!  The foundation has been built… our Aboriginal people were there to receive us in every city… some stronger than others… but praise God the Lord has done His work.

Writing a Book

When we were in Canberra, Apostle Joshua Omala had a word for me to write a book.  I have already started writing one but felt that the Lord was wanting me to write specifically about the Healing the Broken Heart of Australia and the meetings that took place.  So that is what I will be doing.  If you want one, let me know please. 

love and blessings from, GLORIA MILLER
Arrow-Head International
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