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Brett & Justine Wiltshire 2019 Newsletter (Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries)

Greetings family and friends. We are excited to share with you all, that this Easter marked our 19th year in Indigenous Ministries. What an amazing journey it has been! Beginning back in 2000 with doing our first 18 months in Halls Creek under AOG World Missions ‘Training and Field Orientation’, and continuing on into becoming the Senior Pastors of the ACC Church in Halls Creek and training many of those people now ministering in AAOM, to the present, where we have for the last 4.5 years been the National Director of a ministry that is Australia wide, and leading people to Christ and discipling to maturity.

We certainly are not the same people we started out as.

We could never of imagined in a million years the people we would have met, the places we have seen and the many experiences that have shaped us. It has, and is a privilege and blessing to serve and love people in building the Kingdom of God.

We are so thankful for everyone that has enabled us to do so.

We are, and will be forever grateful and thankful for those that have walked beside us over the years, long and short and everything in between.. Our children are now grown, and are beautiful and kind people.

Brett Jnr has completed his trade in air-conditioning and refrigeration and continues to live in Halls Creek, and is loved by all. Kayla and Nicolas are expecting their first child in July, and continue to work and flourish in Newman, and build their bright future together, and Brittany is approaching her first 12 months in Geraldton after living in Halls Creek for 18 years. She is embracing life and loving her job at Sun City Christian Centre. In everything we have worked for, achieved and been given, we give God the Glory. What an amazing journey it has been!!

Presently we are working hard with our team and ACC WA State Executive, in seeing five of our Indigenous Leaders whom are presently leading AAOM Churches, in seeing the finalisation of their PMC application.

This has been a long time in coming and we are so excited to see it progress. Many of us understand the need for transparency and accountability, as well as continuing to understand the greater role and responsibilities of being a Pastor.

Gone are the days where one just visits and prepares their weekly sermon (not that we think it was this simple).

Today in ministry, we have to know and understand constitution, policies and legalities and the list goes on and on.

We understand that this is of the the highest importance, and it is necessary in today’s world, in caring for our people and churches.

Being in a cross cultural situation, we have found it has had many challenges along the way, not only for us, but for those that we are trying to equip.

So we would love it if you could be praying for us all, that it will go smoothly and successfully from here on out.  

We just want to say a huge Thank you to our ACC National and State Executive in helping us and supporting us through this entire process.


These last 4 months AAOM has held a number of events.

Each program offering something different, not only meeting physical and spiritual needs but also giving the local people the opportunity to take ownership, and outreach into their communities.The first was the AAOM Christmas Convention held in Derby.

This was a 5 day camping convention where Churches and people gathered together to fellowship and be encouraged. The second event was a  3 day Pastors and Leadership Summit at Fitzroy Crossing facilitated by our West Kimberley Area Support Leader, and where Ps Les Freeman and Ps John Cannone were invited to attend, to teach and encourage our leaders. And just recently the Easter Convention, hosted by Pastor Warren and Sheena Luscombe.

It was a great time and AAOM was blessed to have a team from SCKC (Southern Cross Kids Camp) led by Peter and Sandy Lusk. This was the first time that they have ministered to the children and it was a really special time for all and we genuinely look forward to partnering together again in the future.

We believe and understand that to build Pastors and leaders, we need to empower and trust them to lead. In these last 4.5 years we have worked hard to position people correctly, champion the call and designate Godly authority in the right places, at the right time.

For AAOM to move forward into the future, we have known that this had to be done, even though there has been many challenges, it is 100% worth it.

Our heart has never been about building a ministry but has always been about building Kingdom, working together, and building into people for Kingdom purpose. This is our calling..


Ps Bernard Stretch rang just recently to speak about a local community Indigenous man that he recently reached out to. Ps Bernard approached him uptown in the park, on the main street in Halls creek, to talk to him about the Lord.

When talking the man mentioned how sick he had been and that he was needing to go to the hospital.

Ps Bernard asked if he could pray for Him, which he did and a few days later the man came to the church service, to say that  immediately he began to recover and that he didn’t need to go see a doctor.

Praise God! Since that time the man has been attending every and any service that he can, and in that time has made a decision to follow the Lord.

He is a quiet older man but seems very sincere and is drawing close and building relationships. 

This has excited and encouraged Ps Bernard very much. God is so Good!


Brett & Justine Wiltshire

In December the AAOM Board gathered together in Sydney with us being Skype’d in. The 6 monthly report was given and received well.

During this meeting we brought up the need for extra support for our on field workers and it was also discussed that there was a need for a team to be put together to support us in our roles in practical areas such as tech support and some areas of ministry.

Our AAOM Board is such a blessing to us in ministry, and personally as well. This present season has had its challenges and we are thankful for their faithfulness, giftedness, wisdom, strength and their individual generosity in giving their resources, and their time.

Just recently Ps Michael Mackerell contacted the board to notify us all of some exciting news, with Pastors Michael and Karen moving to Germany, in being invited to take on Pastoring a local German Church for the next 2 years.

This sadly means that Ps Michael has had to step down from the AAOM board, but we are ever so grateful for technology, and we will continue to keep in touch and seek their counsel.

We just want to take this moment to Thank them both in loving us and being like our spiritual parents.. 

For serving as our Senior Pastors when we lived in Caboolture from 1993-2000, and releasing us into our calling, and then from 2000 to present day, ministering alongside us at AAOM Conventions, Seminars, Leadership Retreats, Men’s and Women’s events, and so on.

Michael and Karen have been a constant source of encouragement, wisdom, love and strength throughout all theses years.

We honour them as they continue to inspire us in our family, our marriage, ministry and life. We love you both and we are so excited to see what the Lord will do! So on behalf of all of our Board, Pastors, Missionaries, Churches, team and family at AAOM we want to say Thank you and you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Current Projects

Currently we are trying to gather a volunteer team together to help build the ‘ihope youth centre’ in Halls Creek.

We have an urgent need in securing a project manager and/or a licensed WA builder that would be able to oversee this project.

If you or anyone you know may be interested, we would dearly love to hear.

The finances have been generously donated by the wonderful Calaoukas Family, through the AAOM’ ihope Foundation’.

To see it built we need these things done:

Step 1: Build Prepare Formwork and Roughing for the Plumbing, for the Foundation and Concrete Poured and Leveled.

Step 2: Erect Kit Building to Lock Up Stage.

Step 3: Internal fit out and Electrics and Plumbing Completed

Our vision, is for it to be a fun and safe place, in which children and youth can gather together.

Where both indigenous and non- indigenous role models and respected elders, from the local community can come.

With the purpose of being an encouragement, inputting and teaching values and culture, and mentoring young people to know their own value.

Where young people can have the opportunity to choose to live a life with purpose! To be encouraged to dream and be given the tools to be able to make their dreams a reality.

We would love to see this built and completed by the end of 2020 or sooner.

We are always on the lookout for people and couples who are either looking to do a short term missions trip, or eager to possibly commit to something more.. maybe like serving for 12 months alongside some of our team in one of the AAOM churches.

If that’s you, or someone in your church, please contact us via our details at the bottom of this email.

Presently we are blessed to have a couple, Brian and Isobel Pither from Citylife church, whom have been great friends and faithful supporters and co workers.

Over the years as we shared about this need, they had expressed that they would be open in going and serving, in some capacity and do some relief work.

We were blessed, that when we reached out to them to ask if they would consider relieving some of our AAOM Pastors , that they said YES!.

It was wonderful to be able to help facilitate this.

It took some time but it is great that our people can take some much needed time off.

We are incredibly thankful for the partnerships that have developed over many years and we would really appreciate if you could be praying for Brian and Isobel as they are currently in Mount Isa, and teams from Citylife and YWAM Perth that are preparing to come and serve soon.


9th July – 14th July

In July, at Halls Creek the annual AAOM convention will be taking place.

This year at convention we have great ministry lined up with 3 Leadership morning sessions and nightly meetings with fantastic guest speakers.

Something a little different but AAOM is excited.

As we have had over the last few years, we once again have teams from YWAM Perth coming to minister to our primary school aged children.

It has been a busy time securing off site facilities, but we are thankful for the favour that we have in Halls Creek, as it has taken many years to build credibility.

So if you would like a pdf of the conference information poster, please contact us.

Where Most Needed.

The ‘Where Most Needed’ Project is exactly what is name implies.

It was created for the purpose of specifically raising funds for AAOM as a whole, in being able to be used for any emergency situations that may arise such as vehicle & building maintenance, and any other practical ministry on-field ministry needs such as Education and Awareness Support, Projects, Audio and Visual Equipment and Ministry Teaching tools etc.

People can Support monthly or make a one off donation by:

Direct Deposit

Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries Inc

BSB: 082-610

Account number: 892443682

Please clearly state in the ‘Reference/Description’ field if you would like your donation to go to the ‘where most needed’


Australian Aboriginal Outreach Ministries Inc

Postal address: PO Box 2237, Tuggeranong DC, ACT 2901


We would really appreciate your prayers as we work from Geraldton.

It has been a season that has seen us having to stop in one place, after being on the road constantly these many years.

• Please Pray for Bretts Continued Healing from Muscle Issues, Stress and Anxiety.

We are blessed that we are able to lead and facilitate the work of the ministry from our base at this time.

Also Could You Please Continue To Pray For Our Own Ongoing Personal Ministry Support.

With so many pressures on Churches and families we know what a step of faith it is to partner faithfully with a ministry such as ours.

You have enabled us these 19 years to serve, raise a family, and see people come to know Christ in a real and life changing way.

Our greatest fulfilment has been in seeing people lives radically changed and empowered and equipped to be all that the Lord has called them to be. We love you and we give Thanks for you!  

God Bless, Brett & Jus

+61 (0) 428 168 480



Brett Wiltshire

Brett Wiltshire


Brett Wiltshire

Justine Wiltshire


Healing the Broken Heart of Australia “REPORT”

56 Days Non Stop Around Australia

8 Capital Cities in 8 weeks

Dear South West Prayer Network and Friends of the Gospel,

It’s been a long time on the road!  I just returned home on Monday evening of the 5th of March after travelling fifty six days non-stop around Australia to eight capital cities in eight weeks with Team Kenya and other Australian Leaders. Every night at 7.00 pm we were preaching with one night where we didn’t make it in time.

I want to thank everyone who was involved with Healing the Broken Heart of Australia in these past 2 months.  Especially our coordinators in each of the eight cities… THANK YOU SO MUCH!

All our prayer partners, THANK YOU!  We stepped into something very, very great in God.  I ask your forgiveness for those I have forgotten to mention, my apologies everyone.

SPECIAL THANKS to Francis Borsic from Port Hedland who sacrificed her life and home to serve God with me for the past year.

SPECIAL THANKS to Team Africa for their gift of love and extreme sacrifice in paying their own fares and coming to Australia in sometimes pretty rugged conditions and then going home to personal hardship.

First Four Cities:

Second Four Cities:



The reason for such a trip was concerning revelation, visions, dreams and missions over several years into Africa and Pakistan since 2013.

“Overthrow 2017” was the gathering that was held in Mount Barker, Western Australia last year in Pastor Mike and Lisa’s church.  This gathering was significant to understanding the timing of God and His heart for Australia right now and where he was taking us.  The nation of Australia had a broken heart.

During the first four cities, Apostle Frederick Indangasi Isoyi was partnering with Arrow Head International and was a key person and very significant in our ability to take a team of seven Senior Pastors mostly from the Baptist Church in Kenya.

Fred represents “Jesus Power Evangelistic Missions International” based in Mtwapa, Mombassa, Kenya.  With him comes the support of thousands of Baptist Churches.

Apostle Solomon Okumu is the Pastor of Destiny Outreach Church in Mtomondoni, Mtwapa, Mombassa, Kenya.  Solomon was the first pastor who opened the door for me to go into Africa and to preach and hold my own leaders conference in partnership with his ministry for that time.

The Journey Began on the 8th of January

Perth, Western Australia is where we began our journey on the 8th of January 2018.  During that crusade, I was already thinking about the 8 weeks away from home and family and counting the cost.

Praise God!  We have obeyed the Lord in going to every capital city of Australia in 8 weeks.  A total of 56 days non stop and holding meetings every night with one exception when we travelled by plane from Perth to Melbourne and we didn’t arrive in time for our first evening meeting.

Support the work of the ministry 7 more years to go

Please support the work of the Lord through your finances and prayer.

During the past 2 months, the Lord has shown us that this was just the foundation year and that there are 7 more years to go.  We need your help and thank you to those who sowed into the ministry in accomplishing the task of Healing The Broken Heart of Australia in our Maiden voyage around Australia.


Account Name:  Arrow Head International,

BSB Number: 036032,

Account Number:  524137

Maybe you can sow $1000, if that’s you, praise God!  There has been an anointing on a call for $1000 which started in Perth, Western Australia. 

Your assistance is required to complete the mission of HEALING THE BROKEN HEART OF AUSTRALIA.  And also for me to go to Africa next month for the Annual Fire Conference with Sister Eunice Indangasi and to plan for next year with Apostle Fred and the team there.

New Assignments into Alice Springs and Kenya, Africa

I am calling our Australian Team from Healing The Broken Heart of Australia to Alice Springs to support Pastor Sharon Lowah at Easter this year.

More details will follow, but we are planning to be there from the 30th of March for 3 days.

2019 Healing the Broken Heart of Australia 

The 2nd Circuit around Australia – will you join us as we pick up momentum in the coming year for HEALING THE BROKEN HEART OF AUSTRALIA in 2019.

I will be travelling back to Kenya to continue our discussions and making plans for our second circuit around Australia.  I need your support for these missions and to continue to build in Australia and in relationships with Africa.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and for standing with us in this past year.  We were able to do the task the Lord had given us this year.  7 more years to go and maybe you will be able to physically join us next year.  Pray about it.  Ask the Lord what He wants you to do… revival and transformation is what is being released and more as we travelled around the nation.  We can’t stop now… the Lord is breathing on us… Amen!  The foundation has been built… our Aboriginal people were there to receive us in every city… some stronger than others… but praise God the Lord has done His work.

Writing a Book

When we were in Canberra, Apostle Joshua Omala had a word for me to write a book.  I have already started writing one but felt that the Lord was wanting me to write specifically about the Healing the Broken Heart of Australia and the meetings that took place.  So that is what I will be doing.  If you want one, let me know please. 

love and blessings from, GLORIA MILLER
Arrow-Head International
Arrow-Head Ministries
RED DOOR AWAKENING – 24 Hour Prayer Summit 2014
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e:  gloria@arrowheadministries.org  |  m:  0412899966

Visit the Arrow Head International website:  http://www.arrowheadministries.org

MHC2 Perth Report: Revival Noongar Community

spread-word-reportsRevival has hit my Noongar Community in Perth, we were so Hungry for God.

The meetings with Pastor Abraham Charles from London, UK.  They were like nothing I have seen before nor him… the children were moving and playing but listening at the same time… it was a church meeting of chaos… a holy chaos… one half of the church was sitting perfectly still… the other half were on the move, playing, worshipping with the flags and banners… many young children and youth… on the move and were touched by God… the normal Christian person would have found this very challenging… so praise God we didn’t see too many people from the normal church background present… now that the fire has fallen… I urge you to come and visit with us…

MHC2 Perth

It was so powerful that almost every person was slain in the Holy Spirit and fell to the ground as the Pastor prayed for them.

The children felt the touch of God and then every night afterwards, they lined up to be touched again… and down they went in the Holy Ghost…. slain in the spirit and loving it… the children also were a big part of our worship team as we started each night…singing and dancing…

Many were healed and delivered and set free… so many good things have happened that there is literally too much to tell… one of my cousins just received a hug and when I saw him last night, he looked like 10-20 years had dropped off him… his face was glowing… others in the Noongar family are still talking about how God touched them… and something has changed inside of them…one lady said she is different and you can see it … she is now healed of deep inner pain in her heart… her countenance has also changed…

Children had visions and saw Jesus and one little 5 year old girl was saying that she could feel the touch of Jesus on her right shoulder… she asked… does Jesus stay with you when you sleep and the answer we gave her… was yes…Jesus never leaves us nor forsakes us… another young girl saw Jesus kneeling on one knee and praying for her… two nights in a row…

One lady who had alzheimer’s, couldn’t walk unassisted… but after Pastor Abraham hugged her… she walked unaided….

Another lady walked with a limp but now… she is walking without a limp… Many were healed … people with diabetes were prayed for God touched them…

On Saturday night, there was a major act of reconciliation and blessing between the Noongar people and the Sri Lankan Indian Community who came out to the meetings… this was very powerful… as the Noongars welcomed them and hugged them and the children prayed prayers of blessings and key elders amongst the community… in turn the Sri Lanken Indian community prayed blessings and sang a song back to the Noongars… it was very impacting…

One young man who had fits since he was a child of two, was so hungry for God and prayer, that he sat right in the front and waited and waited and insisted that he get healed… he was touched by God when he was slain in the spirit and felt the heat of God go through his body… the next night he wanted prayer again… and again he went down under the power of the Holy Spirit… God just blew us all away with his amazing goodness and love for the people…

There were Christians who came and stood with us… other Pastors who didn’t have big names… came and served us during the past week… Pastor Virginia, Pastor Mark, brother Steve… Vanda, Chris, Penny, Alexandra and others… who just helped us with the sound, picking up the pastor when I couldn’t.

Will be officially re launching the Arrowhead Christian Church in the Kelmscott/Armadale area in Perth, Western Australia.

6.30pm Start. 




by Arrowhead International

For many years now, we have been ministering in houses and going from place to place… sometimes in my shed at the back of my house, other times in my home as we have moved houses… other times the ministry has held events and conferences such as this one… nationally, locally and internationally… we have been continually moving forwards and continually building… BUT 13 YEARS AGO, there was a blockage!  The Arrowhead Christian Church went through something that we never recovered from… 50 people were meeting in my house…and we started the Arrow Head Christian Church in a building in Armadale… BUT…. something happened… I lost the momentum and the church lay dormant…

God in his grace and mercy kept us all these years and I was able to continue to minister to my people… mostly one on one… and from house to house… and as the Spirit led me…

This week, God gave me a vision and understanding...the seed had laid dormant for 13 years...

During our leaders meeting on Friday and after the message that Pastor preached… I saw a vision of a seed inside my being…The seed had germinated and now there was two little shoots beginning to uncurl…

   New Life Had Begun…:    just like when a fire burns the forest floor and then suddenly afterwards all this greenery begins to appear…  

    Revelation…:     for 13 years the seed had laid dormant…

    But Now…:    God has decreed and we are Officially Opening the Church Again and re launching it in the Kelmscott Hall, in River Road, Kelmscott.  28th Feb Sunday at 6.30pm. 

WE NEED A BUS… Even if we could get a 12 seater bus… is there anyone who feels they can help us to get a 12 seater bus for picking up our people on Sundays…

If you want to help Arrowhead International as we continue to move forwards in Him.  Make a donation … we need our own projector for this weekend… I donated my projector to a pastor who was urgently in need of a projector for his ministry several months ago… now we need our own and also a projector screen for the songs in church… if you are able to help, please call me on 0412899966 or email me…

Donate to: Account Name: Arrowhead International, Account Number 524137, BSB Number 036032


The last night (24th Feb 2016) a word came forth concerning Jericho and walking around the walls seven times… PROPHETIC ACTION … So together we all walked around the inside of the building 7 times… at the end we shouted Jesus… and Pastor Abraham preached and declared the walls completely destroyed… where we had walked in circles for the past 12-13 years… where others had walls… now they are down… God broke the walls down… never to be the same… we are breaking out on every side… no more restraints… GOD IS ON THE MOVE… the ark is on the move… move when God says move… Amen!

Love and blessings to all… COME AND SEE WHAT GOD IS DOING WITH OUR NOONGAR PEOPLE and the new partnership that has been formed with the Refugees of Sri Lanka… we embraced and now we are family… blessings to each community from each other flowed… God is good!

from: GLORIA MILLER Arrow-Head International | Arrow-Head Christian Church | Arrow-Head Ministries

RED DOOR AWAKENING – 24 Hour Prayer Summit 2014

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Australia, Indigenous People, Politics

Australian Indigenous Ministry Seminar Sat Nov 30, 2013

Thank you for your prayers and support for our first Australia Indigenous Ministry Seminar in Perth.

tim_edwardsOn Friday evening we had a great time of Worship & Word with about 80 – 90 people who came with a heart to worship; there was a tangible presence of the Lord amongst worshippers that filled the room.

After leading some beautiful worship songs in the English language, I used a set of traditional aboriginal clap sticks accompanied by a young man John playing another set of clap sticks; and I began to chant like an aboriginal language song redeeming a sound from heaven that was ordained for this land to bring praise and adoration to the Lord. (a bit hard to explain without you being there to experience it) But there came a fresh anointing from heavens ‘ Ancient of Days’ that led us to reclaim the spiritual high places across our City & Nation.

One of the Prophetic Words

A prophetic word that the Lord had gave me some time ago for Western Australia (that needed to be released in due season) that included the Christian Church also the (yet to be recognised) Indigenous Christian Leadership & Ministries.

The prophetic word is as follows:

I see in this prophetic vision the state of Western Australia the Gold, Diamonds, and Pearls very rare precious stones of great value coming out of the earth and sea being produced, refined, cut & polished on God’s cutting edge to be a great blessing not only to Australia but nations around the world.

Also like precious stones in the rough that have yet to be refined (Australian Indigenous Christian Leadership & Ministries plus many other valuable unexpected Anointed Ones) carrying the anointing given by the same precious ‘Stone’ that the builders rejected in scripture.

The anointing that will come forth is that of ‘Kings & Priests’ (Marketplace ministries & Priests in the Land) who wear precious stones on their breastplate and also in the crown on their heads; this is a powerful anointing that will not only bring down spiritual authorities in high places, but will open doors of blessings across our nation and nations across the earth will not only come and ‘receive’ but will open their doors and WA & Australia will send some rare valuable anointed ministries ordained for ‘such a time as this’.

Then the Lord said ” This is how these precious gems are developed in the earth ( in us – we are the earthen vessel ) and produced “

Diamonds – are developed through extreme pressure / more rare the diamond greater is the value.
It is then produced on God’s cutting wheel, cut in a way that the facets bring colours like the “rainbow’ revealing God’s precious promises in us.

Gold – is found in hard to get places / bigger the nuggets more chances there is a valuable reef .
It is then produced through the fire, the ‘ Fire of God ‘ extreme heat exacting impurities from our life and bring forth the ‘Glory of the Lord’
Gold represents the ‘Glory of the Lord’

Pearls – are found in the depth of the sea ( sea speaks about humanity or nations ) The pearl is the only gem that is formed out of living organism / flesh; then is separated from the flesh.
It’s process of formation comes from ‘irritation’ from the sea

Interpretation of Prophetic Word & Vision

God is developing and will raise up Aussie & Indigenous Christian Ministries in these days that will carry an amazing strong and great valuable anointing that will be have precision, rare high percentage of God’s glory and authority because they will be like the;

Diamonds – developed under extreme pressure and displaying the facets of God’s precious promises to the nations.

Gold – that has been purified through ‘God’s fire’ showing forth His Glory
There is weight in God’s Glory – weight of authority that powers of darkness will flee because these ministries carry the ‘ Glory of the Lord”

Pearls – precious gems that are produced through the ‘ irritation ‘ of the sea of humanity and separated from the flesh to bring glory & honour to the Lord.

Our Australian Indigenous Christian Leadership have been identified with Christ who Isaiah the Prophet said about the sufferings of Christ – ” Jesus was a Man of Sorrows aquatinted with grief “

Our Australian Indigenous have been through the ‘ extreme pressures’
‘purifying fire’, and constant ‘irritation’ from the sea of nations.

God is about to bring forth His Diamonds, Gold, and Pearl not as ‘precious stones in the rough ‘ but His ” precious stones’ set in the ‘breast plate ‘ of ‘ Godly Priest in the land and ‘ precious stones ‘ set in the crowns of ‘ Godly Kings ‘ market place ministries who will provide fund for ‘ Godly Priest’ to establish the House of God and our Indigenous Ministries who will bless Australia and Nations across the earth.

This is only one ‘ Prophetic Word ‘ the Lord gave me – (Pastor Tim Edwards ) but I will release others soon, some I spoke about at the seminar last Saturday.

So much more ministry & sharing regarding Australian Indigenous Christian Leadership and insight on Australia it would take pages of writing.

Please keep us in prayer and pray into this prophetic word and see how the Lord speak to you.

We would love some feedback from Saturday (if you where there) or feedback from this prophecy because we are wanting to see the fulfilment of prophecy from the Lord for WA & Australia.

Feel free to forward this ‘ Prophetic Word ‘ to other intercessors and ministries across Australia & other Nations who maybe interested in Australia & Australia Indigenous Ministries.

I am also available for guest speaking in Australia or Overseas from February 2014 and I have spoken in many Cities, Towns , Remote Communities ,and Internationally over past 25 years and have seen many ‘prophetic words’ I’ve spoken over people’s lives, Church, Communities and Businesses fulfilled. I feel in the Lord to make myself available again next year and if God leads you to sow financially into my ministry so I’m able to go, or prayer support to intercede for me, or there is a God given invitation for me please contact me.

Our next Australian Indigenous Ministry Seminar in Perth will be held 15th March 2014 at Oasis Welshpool Rd Welshpool mark it in your diary and encourage others to plan to join us.

Blessings from

Pastor Tim Edwards eaglerockperth@yahoo.com.au

A Pipeline of Glory

pdf Downloadable Copy

by Dr. John Yates 28 Dec 2009


This paper attempts to thread together various scriptures, prophetic words and convictions shared by a diverse group of people concerning God’s plan for Western Australia1)Without the inspiration of the below this teaching would not have occurred: Apostolic Father: Gary Schmitz [Kansas City KC] Marketplace leaders: Heini Woermann, Jeroen Bruins, Lawrie Miller [Perth], Missionaries: Ian McClure [Northam], Jacqui Pullinger [Hong Kong], Prophets [KC]: Bob Hartley & Kris Edley. . In recent days, I have focused on praying into this subject more intensely, and believe that after 4 years of reflection Christ has given me a coherent message. I take the timing to mean these things are at the core of the divine will for 2010.

Beginnings: a Pipeline and Angelic Connection

In 2006 as I laid hands and prayed over a gracious and humble apostolic father from America, I had a clear and unusual sense of a “pipeline” involving angelic communication linking Perth and Kansas City (KC). Travelling to the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in KC the following year, I had a sense that the pipeline was operational, for each step of the journey was accompanied by extraordinary opportunities to share Jesus with non-believers. This occurred not only in planes, but also with immigration officials, at security checks and waiting for buses at terminals.

Taking an early prayer walk on my first day in KC, I came across a physical pipeline, and the Lord soon shared with me a scripture that I believe is a key to his purposes, “Thus says the Lord: “Keep justice, and do righteousness, for soon my salvation will come, and my deliverance be revealed. Blessed is the man who does this…and keeps his hand from doing any evil.”” (Isa 56:1-2)

Strikingly, another of the team who travelled from Perth to KC received a prophecy about a pipeline of overwhelming supply for the purposes of God. The Lord was to make a further connection in the story when I returned to Australia.

I visited for the first time a brother who had been to IHOP in 2006, he lived in Northam and had a vision of masses of young people reaching the nations.

Northam lies an hour east of Perth, and to reach there by road you travel parallel to one of the most historic man-made features of Western Australia, the Mundaring- Kalgoorlie pipeline.

Why A Pipeline?

In the late nineteenth century, gold was discovered in the desert 600kms east of Perth. The eastern goldfields soon became the richest in the world, all because the premier of the state, John Forrest, pioneered a venture many said was an engineering and economic impossibility. Water was to be pumped over 500 kms uphill from the ranges near Perth to Kalgoorlie. The personal and political opposition to this project of faith was so intense that the chief engineer committed suicide!

On 24 January 1903, the dream became a reality when water flowed into Kalgoorlie. Premier Sir John Forrest* drank the first glass of water while quoting Isaiah from the Bible. They had, he said, made ‘a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert'2){Footnotes: IHOP} Miscellaneous Notes: ”Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” [Isa 43:19] . The scheme enabled the benefits of the gold discovery to be realised and brought immense wealth into the previously struggling economy.

This “pipeline of gold”, achieved through faith, struggle, tribulation and death, symbolically represents a pipeline of glory. The state of Western Australia is still producing vast quantities of gold, iron ore, gas, bauxite, diamonds etc.3)The latest mega-project, Gorgon, will produce estimated revenue of $60billion. ; but no one would say the glory of God is being poured out amongst us. The enormous resources of WA were placed here by Christ for his kingdom, but they are yet to be released to fund the evangelisation of the world. One prophet, knowing nothing of W.A. history/geography, has said, “There is mud in the pipeline”?

The Great Stain

If there is “mud in the pipeline” and it is a pipeline of glory, the mud must be shame4)Theologically, shame is the absence of glory [Gen 3:7; Rom 3:23]. . This is confirmed by an overseas intercessor’s dream, “I then saw them (friends) walking in Northam… They met with an aborigine man who was a believer in Jesus, who told them a different history of the land….The man spoke of great bloodshed that began in 1833….and a fake sickness”.

Unknown to this watchman, 1833 was the year in which Northam was gazetted, that is, lawfully authorised for public settlement. From this time on, aboriginal dispossession in the district was legal. As to “a fake sickness”, the following account is clear.

“Another of Northam’s scandals occurred in 1933 when the town’s entire Aboriginal population were rounded up by police and dumped in the Moore River Settlement.

The Northam Shire Council said they had scabies and were a health risk.”5)http://www.northamwa.com/about.htm Link . However, of the 89 aborigines moved, only one woman and 3 of her children actually had the disease6)The real motivation for this act appears to be racist, the premier and local MP Sir James Mitchell [of Mitchell Freeway fame] apparently hoped to gain votes for the upcoming election by acting against the indigenous population. [Maryrose Casey,Creating Frames, University of Queensland press, 2004, p.149] . In fact, the health conditions at Moore River were far poorer than in Northam. This action should not surprise us, as there were a number of massacres of natives from the 1830’s on. One is of significance for this article.

In 1906-7 on the Canning Stock Route, an unrecorded number of Aboriginal men and women were raped and massacred when captured and tortured to serve as ‘guides’ and reveal the sources of water after being ‘run down’ on horseback, restrained by heavy chains 24 hours a day, and tied to trees at night. A Royal Commission in 1908 exonerated Canning, after Kimberley explorer and Lord Mayor of PerthAlexander Forrest + claimed that all explorers had acted in such a fashion7)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_of_Indigenous_Australians Link .

To this day Aborigines remain disastrously below the rest of the Australian population in all areas of health and8)They are less likely to meet minimum literacy and numeracy standards or continue their schooling to Year 12. They are more than 6 times as likely to be in the child protection system and 14 times as likely to be under juvenile justice supervision.Indigenous Australians are more than twice as likely as non-Indigenous Australians to need help with core daily activities because of disability. They make up 10% of homeless people but only around 2.5% of the total Australian population. Life expectancy is close to twenty years below average. Stat link here . Reversing the condition of the “the least, the lost and the last”9)Consider the tax collectors, lepers and prostitutes Jesus ministered to, and Paul’s words in 1 Cor 1:26-31.  holds the key to a way forward in the purposes of God.

The Great Reversal

Visiting Hong Kong in the middle of this year I recalled a scripture the Lord used to release a remarkable Christian ministry that turns the shame of many addicts into a visible reflection of his glory, “v5 Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed. v6 This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles. v7 The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them.” (Psalm 34:5-7). This passage connects deliverance from shame with the presence of the Lord in his angel, and in my notes from Hong Kong it is headed “The Pipeline of Glory.” If God can lift up the bottom strata of Chinese society so powerfully, who is called to elevate the esteem of indigenous

Australians in such a way that his glory and through them to the praise of Jesus Christ?

I believe this involves a Christian man whose surname was revealed to another American prophet in a dream, Andrew Forrest. Significantly, this Forrest, until recently the richest person in Australia, is the great grandson of explorer Alexander Forrest + and the great-grandnephew of former Premier John Forrest*. God is working something deep in the bloodline of the Forrest’s to reverse the curse of shed blood on the land10)Gen 4:10; Heb 12:24. . This Forrest is a marketplace minister, pioneer and leader on a vast scale. The grandest of his works is not the opening up of new mines, but his scheme to work covenantally with government and business to see 50,000 jobs created for indigenous Australians nationally. No partnership like this has ever been achieved before, and it contains the seeds, God willing, to rise inestimably the dignity of the first peoples of this nation.

The Lord is working to release spiritual “streams in the desert” of this land through the fulfillment of Isaiah 56, ““Keep justice, and do righteousness, for soon my salvation will come”. Good works (Matt 5:16-17; Eph 2:10) like those of Forrest have always accompanied major moves of God11)E.g. General William Booth started a match factory that used safe red phosphorous in place of toxic yellow. . Andrew Forrest’s actions are catalytic and prophetic, fulfilling a further word spoken by a young seer who, while ignorant of such ventures, has spoken out, “Marketplace believers would release mercy deeds and benevolence to the poor, and this would bring about righteous justice for the wrongs done.”

Why Angels?

Others have spoken of angels accompanying reconciliation and releasing repentance and the promises of God over Australia, but none have explained their essential role. The text I believe Christ gave to clarify this matter is from the beginning of Revelation, “The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants the things that must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, who bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, even to all that he saw.” (Rev 1:1-2 cf.  Rev 22:6, 16).

This passage involves a “pipeline of revelation” in time:

(1) the Father gives to (2) Jesus a revelation made known through an (3) angel to (4) a prophet who wrote12)In the New Testament, apostles are the primary prophetic figures e.g. John as the author of Revelation.  (5) for all God’s servants. This sequence and order must be respected and it hopefully frames the teaching of this article.

In Revelation, angels occupy a mediating position between heaven and earth, and implement the sovereignty of God over the churches (Rev 2:1, 8, 12 etc.) and the world. Acting in concert with the human servants of Christ (Rev 19:9-10; Rev 22:8-9) they present a unified testimony to the fact that all of creation, heavenly and earthly, visible and invisible, has been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb(Eph 3:14-15; Col 1:19; Rev 5-6 etc.).

As the angelic (Job 1:6; 2:1) and human sons of God submit as one to Christ as Lord (Mark 13:26-27;Heb 1:6, 7, 14; Rev 6ff.), they reveal the image of God with a fullness that confounds the powers of darkness (Eph 3:10, 14-15).

The spiritual environment of a locality changes and God is manifested in the very public ways we call “revival”.

The revelation of Jesus Christ” “made known”13)The Greek verb semaino is related to the term for “sign” [semaion] in scripture e.g.John 20:30; Rev 12:1.  fn13 through angels involves signs God gives in heaven and on earth. In relation to a pipeline of revelation and glory, the acts of angels signify a sovereign work of the God who possesses absolute freedom over his creation and who will ultimately prove victorious.

One critical factor remains for all this to be manifested as true in our midst.

Counter Culture and the Coming Youth Revival

The generation of Christians of which I am a part, the “baby boomers”, have failed abysmally to resist the inroads of popular culture in spirituality and morality. We are, above all else, conformists14)Hence the “seeker movement” and its failure to produce holy disciples. . I am convinced that the primary carriers of what God is about to do are youth. Many have spoken of a surge of young people who will intensely adore the Lord. Whilst I believe that this is both necessary and correct, the long-term viability of the coming move of God depends on a very unpopular factor- tribulation.

The entire book of Revelation is founded upon the following truth, “I, John, your brother and partner in the tribulation and the kingdom and the patient endurance that are in Jesus, was (exiled) on the island called Patmos on account of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus.” (Rev 1:9).

Partnership in the cause of testifying to Christ’s word in the midst of tribulation is the relational glue of the kingdom of God that holds everything together in “perfect unity” (Col 3:14). It is the fellowship of Christ’s suffering (Phil 3:10) that welds all holy beings together in a specific order of the revelation of grace: Father, Son, angels, prophets, servants of Christ15)The Spirit is omitted from this list as he is the power and presence of all witness, both in God and creatures [e.g. John 15:26-27]. Additionally, it is ALL the people of God who as priest-kings bring Christ to the world [Rev 1:6; 5:10]. .

I believe God has been at work assembling the “pipeline of glory” for years by placing his faithful remnant through the fires of affliction, thus maturing them for the coming release of his presence. Matured believers know that the supply of glory will only continue as long as the people of God are willing to suffer for Christ’ sake.


If you are an Australian, especially a West Australian, this paper is a call to rise up from the spiritual apathy of Laodicean Luke warmness (Rev 3:16), induced by seemingly endless material prosperity16)Australia is the one major Western economy not to go into recession in 2009 and market predictions have Western Australia enjoying a major China led resources boom. , and to believe God for something different. A special focus involves praying and acting concerning the pitiable state of our indigenous people.

If you are a marketplace believer, and especially a businessperson or entrepreneur, this teaching is a call to seek the Lord for divinely inspired means to elevate the condition of aborigines. Primary amongst these must be employment and training.

Jesus has a plan to redeem (in the very broadest sense of the word) aboriginal Australians. Where endless streams of government finance have totally failed, he has a way. When the church of God rises up as one to do the work of God the kingdom of God will come with power in the lives of these unfortunate, oppressed and often hopeless folk17)This is not to say that indigenous people are pathetic and helpless victims without responsibilities, but that in the economy of God prophets from amongst themselves will prove most fruitful in bringing repentance and transformation. .

These will happen in such a way that all the world will have to stand up and look at what the Lamb on the throne has done in the midst of the nations. Such a work of God will spread across the face of Australia touching all its peoples and reaching beyond our shores with many indigenous disciples (and others) evangelising the world funded by the vast wealth of this state.  These are the dimensions of the pipeline of glory.

These are some of the things I believe the Lord has planned for 2010.


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↑ 16. Australia is the one major Western economy not to go into recession in 2009 and market predictions have Western Australia enjoying a major China led resources boom.
↑ 17. This is not to say that indigenous people are pathetic and helpless victims without responsibilities, but that in the economy of God prophets from amongst themselves will prove most fruitful in bringing repentance and transformation.