Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey: Why You Will Not Be Free Under Same-Sex Marriage Law

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey Ballot papers will be mailed on September 12 and the poll remaining open until November 7

By Lyle Shelton

There is a school of thought in the debate about redefining marriage that it is inevitable and that Christians should just sue for peace with the same-sex marriage activists.

Try and extract as many protections for religious freedom as possible and roll over.

To make it easier for us to capitulate, leading politicians such as Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Attorney General George Brandis and Tim Wilson say same-sex marriage and freedom of religion can co-exist.

“I don’t accept the religious practice in this country is under threat,” Mr Shorten said this week.

What he is essentially saying is it is okay to go to church and believe what you like there.

But what is under threat, and what Mr Shorten is not telling us, is that religious practice outside the church, mosque or synagogue is under grave threat should the definition of marriage in law be changed.

  Indeed, it is now Labor policy to use the law to punish anyone who does not conform to same-sex marriage ideology, unless they are “PROFESSIONAL CLERGY”.

This change occurred at the ALP national conference in Melbourne in August 2015.

I was there as an observer watching LGBTIQ policy motion after LGBTIQ policy motion being moved and passed. There was no opposition. Just silence.

Everything from fining the wedding service provider who declines to participate in a same-sex wedding to funding radical LGBTIQ sex education programs in schools such as “Safe Schools”.

  One of the most bizarre policies adopted by Labor was for taxpayer funding of gender reassignment surgery. 

Given that “Safe Schools” encourages children to access sex change operations “with or without parental consent”, it is an open question as to whether a future Labor government would fund this too.

At the end of the ALP conference, the rainbow flag was unfurled on stage with Mr Shorten and his leadership team proudly standing behind it as everyone stood and applauded except former union boss Joe de Bruyn and me.

The Liberal same-sex marriage rebels’ bill, put forward by Senator Dean Smith also offers no freedom unless you are professional clergy.

You see, the “T” in LGBTIQ1)equal: lesbiangaybisexualtransgender/transsexualintersex and queer/questioning. stands for transgender and this is all part of the package.

It is naïve of the Attorney General and Tim Wilson to say, as they did this week, that freedom of religion and freedom of speech would be unaffected by the redefinition of marriage in law.

You’ve only got to watch Alex Greenwich from the same-sex marriage movement avoid the question when he was asked last Sunday on Sky News Agenda by Paul Kelly.

The same-sex marriage movement is not interested in freedom – you just have to read their submissions to the Senate Select Committee that was held over December January.

It is naïve to think Bill Shorten, Tim Wilson or George Brandis will protect freedom into the future.

After just 10 years of the same-sex marriage in Sweden the Swedish Prime Minister is telling religious leaders who do not wish to solemnise same-sex marriages that they should “get another job”.

After warning about this for years, it is pleasing for ACL to see Australia finally having a conversation about the consequences of redefining marriage in law.

But of course, our freedoms are ancillary to the real injustice same-sex marriage perpetrates.

And that goes to the rights of children to know the love and identity of both their mother and father – something same-sex marriage denies.

With ballot papers to be mailed on September 12 and the poll remaining open until November 7, this is going to be a marathon.

Thanks to everyone who is giving money to the campaign.

ACL is privileged to be part of the Coalition for Marriage and it is great working together with so many people from different backgrounds who wish to preserve marriage.

Most importantly, thanks to everyone who is praying. This is first and foremost a spiritual battle, it is not against people.


Date-stamped: 2017, August, 22.  | By: Lyle Shelton - Australian Christian Lobby | Article Link: | Article Title: Why You Will Not Be Free Under Same-Sex Marriage Law

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2016 election: is about choices between good and evil


Is the program “just”?

Is it good or evil?

And what does that imply for the politicians and educators that promote these things?

Is it “just” to encourage experimentation in losing virginity and that there are ways of losing it other than penis-in-vagina sexual intercourse – and to know your own sexual identity you should find out? Is it “just” to even imply by linking to the site that sadomasochistic sexual expression is OK and that it is OK to hurt or be hurt?

And so, in the face of all the evidence, and even when it has been signalled by government that the program will be modified and links to some websites taken off, how do the Labor Party Leaders of Australia react? You would think that they would at least agree that some parts of the program should be taken out but no, they have reacted with hostility – “you’re homophobic” – and determination to go ahead with the program as it is. In the face of a rational and righteous voice, Labor has hardened its stand – the polarisation worsens. Unbelievable, but it is predictable Rev 22:11 let him who does wrong continue to do wrong; Daniel 12:10 the wicked will continue to be wicked.

This is so much more than social engineering – it is evil.  

We must be so clear on these matters and in this we need to heed the warning of Jesus when He issued the strongest condemnation of all His condemnations, that anyone who leads children into sin would be better off to be cast into the sea with a millstone around the neck.

For us as Christians the choices are more clear and significant than ever before.

What is at stake? Our liberty to believe, to speak what we believe, and to teach it to our children.

This coming election presents an opportunity for Christian responsibility in action and to vote accordingly – for Christian values parties first and then Liberal (supporting a plebiscite on marriage) with Labor in second last place and Greens last (both committed to same-sex marriage and Safe Schools sexual indoctrination of our children).

May it be that we not have this charge levelled against us:

“I have this against you, that you should have recognised this evil for what it is, that you have supported… those determined to deceive and lead astray, and that this neglect has led to generations of evil upon your children and grandchildren.”

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2016 a year of decision – dear Pastor/Leader POSTSCRIPT [9].

Lachlan Dunjey. 16 May 2016.

lachlan-dunjey-114wA safe place for our children!

Lachlan Dunjey

mob: 0407 937 513
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2016 election choices between good and evil – do we need reminding? [11]

2016 – Choices that will shape Australia for generations to come.

Jeff Kennett: Safe Schools funding lost if Roz Ward stays

Safe Schools activist Roz Ward. Picture: David Geraghty

One of the most influential backers of the Safe Schools program has threatened to withdraw future financial support, unless the founder of the program, hard-line Marxist Roz Ward, steps down over her comments denigrating the Australian flag.

Beyondblue chairman Jeff Kennett yesterday called for Ms Ward to resign from the role, saying her “extreme political views” rendered her “ineligible to be involved in any program …. in schools”. Mr Kennett, whose charity has provided almost $600,000 over the past two years to La Trobe University’s Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society, which administers the Safe Schools program in Victoria, added: “You don’t want extremists in there. Her behaviour and her statement clearly indicate a belief which goes well beyond the conditions of which I am prepared to have this subject taught in schools.”

While Ms Ward’s Marxist leanings have been a matter of public record for some time, last week’s post to Facebook, in which she called for the “racist Australian flag” to be replaced with the red ensign favoured by socialists, appears to have been a step too far for her supporters within Victoria’s Labor government.

Ms Ward was forced to resign from a state government education advisory role as a result, while La Trobe University announced an investigation into her role as manager of Safe Schools Coalition Victoria, which is funded by the state government.

Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham yesterday called for Ms Ward to step down from the national steering committee for Safe Schools Coalition Australia, which has recently severed ties with the Victorian branch.

“Given Ms Ward saw it fit to resign from her appointment with the Victorian government, I would expect that she do likewise for any remaining role associated with the National Safe Schools program,” Senator Birmingham said.

“Her extreme views have done a grave disservice to this program and are anathema to the vast majority of Australians.”

The Australian understands that Ms Ward’s role on the steering committee has come under scrutiny in recent months, with several members approaching chairman Anne Mitchell to discuss her “ongoing involvement in the program”.

The approaches stemmed from “concerns that Ms Ward’s activities had unnecessarily politicised the program” and reports about her, sources said.

The British-born academic has become the face of Safe Schools, an anti-bullying program geared at gay and transgender youth, which has been criticised for promoting the idea that gender and sexuality is a “social construct” rather than biological.

Ms Ward, who did not respond to requests to comment yesterday, has previously admitted that the program was about gender and sexual diversity, rather than preventing bullying, and has spoken at public events about Safe Schools being part of a strategy to change society.

Mr Kennett said that while he could not speak for his entire board, he could not personally support funding further research conducted by the university if Ms Ward continued to be involved.

“As chairman of the board I would oppose and argue against funding any research of which she was a contributing researcher,” Mr Kennett said.

“She has done so much ­damage to the cause it’s difficult to accept.”

According to ARCSHS’s latest financial report, Beyondblue contributed $166,000 last year and $413,000 the year before, largely to fund research into mental health and the LGTBI community.

The La Trobe research centre received more than $1m in funding from the Victorian government last year — about one-fifth of its overall budget — of which $272,700 was to administer Safe Schools.

The government recently announced that it would kick in a further $200,000 to $300,000 a year to plug the funding shortfall left by the federal government, which has ordered that the program be overhauled, including a ban from primary schools, opt-out rights for parents and the severance of links with controversial third-party groups.

That is in addition to a further $1m announced in the state budget for the compulsory roll out of the program across all Victorian secondary schools.

Australian of the Year finalist and transgender military officer Catherine McGregor, who recently revealed she turned down an invitation to be an ambassador to the program, said Ms Ward’s position should be terminated.

“She shouldn’t even have to be asked,” Ms McGregor said.

“Her reputation has become a menace to what has the potential to be a good program.”

Victoria’s opposition education spokesman Nick Wakeling joined calls for Ms Ward to resign, saying her position was “untenable”.

by Greg Brown Journalist Melbourne | First Published THE AUSTRALIAN | MAY 31, 2016 | Source: | Tittle: “Jeff Kennett: Safe Schools funding lost if Roz Ward stays”

Safe Schools exposed

 This Safe School Programme is an attacks the core values of a Normal society and is not about anti bullying it’s about sexual orientation normalizing for Same sex relationships – 4cminews

George Christensen exposes Safe Schools Coalition Australia adult sex links in federal parliament
See the Safe Schools Coalition Australia links to the Toolshed Sex Shop

   Safe Schools Resources:   
» Gay and lesbian sex techniques
» Boys wearing girls school dresses
» Chest binding for girls to inhibit breast growth
» Penis tucking
» Sex toy links
» LGBT networks
» Fetish club links

This is something you can you do to stop this becoming a reality in schools

[btnsx id=”4068″]
Why Safe Schools is really “Unsafe Schools”
Kids have rights, and those rights must be protected

The Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA) links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs. It encourages many risky sexual activities.

It is so controversial that the Prime Minister has ordered a review of the Federal Government’s funding for the program.

SSCA was created at the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University. Many SSCA resources have been produced by Minus18. Both have received Victorian government and the Federal government has provided $8 million to SSCA. It was first rolled out in Victorian schools.

More recently, the program has been expanded across Australia to over 520 schools. The Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, has declared that it is to be compulsory in all Victorian schools by 2018.

All children have the right not to be bullied at school or online. Anti-bullying programs must emphasise respect for each and every other person, not single out any one group as though only that group faces bullying.

Parents have the right to decide when it is the right time to talk to their children about intimate LGBTI issues, not the state and not the school.

Parents have the right to determine what values they want taught to their children. Of concern is that the person who set up the Safe Schools Coalition Australia, Roz Ward, claims that the program is part of a strategy to radically change society as claimed by its creator, Roz Ward, who claims that “the homosexual cannot win liberation without a general sexual liberation.”

While children an education in human biology appropriate to their age, they also have the right to be protected by the state and by their schools from the Safe Schools Coalition program that links to pornographic web content, sex shops, adult online communities and sex clubs.

Check out which schools have signed up to the Safe Schools program:

NSW; Victoria; South Australia; Western Australia; Tasmania; ACT; Northern Territory; Queensland; Note: Many Queensland schools in the program are not named on the SSCA web site.

This petition will be sent to Federal, State and Territory governments promoting and funding Safe Schools Coalition Australia (SSCA).