What now? – that I’m Saved

by Rev Gary Green
Four Corner Ministries
Some Keys to a Victorious Christian Journey
1.0 Talk to God Daily.
2.0 Obey the quiet voice within.
3.0 Read the Bible.

Get a Literal Translation Bible:

Expositor’s Study Bible (KJV)

Overview: A study Bible like none other. Commentary notes are placed within or at the end of the verses, making study easier. Scripture text is in black. Commentary notes are in red, making it very easy to read. Commentary on virtually every scripture in the Bible. King James Version

Ebook: Kindle Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Hardback: Copy

or English Standard Version Available at most Christian Bookshops in your local area.

Start by Reading John’s Gospel first then move on to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke once you’ve done this begin with Ephesians and James. Then read Acts, Galatians and Romans continue on from there to read the remaining New Testament Books leave the book of Revelations to last. Once you’ve read the New Testament completely Read the Old Testament Starting at Genesis and continue until you’ve read through the complete Old Testament

Set time aside to read undisturbed and having time to reflect on what you’ve read and make notes on the thoughts that have risen as a result of the reading.

Remember we have time always for that which we make important.  The word of God is Food to your Body Soul and Spirit

4.0 Fellowship with Believers.
5.0 Be Water baptized ASAP.
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