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ETHICS: Sharper and Harder (The warfare against heteronormativity – male and female) Tue 30 Oct

ETHICS: A Christian Basis re Transgenders and a safe place for our children. (The warfare against heteronormativity – male and female) Oct 2018

ETHICS: The polarisation of medicine and medical defence organisations. (The warfare against heteronormativity – male and female) Oct 2018

ETHICS: Counteracting the Trans Culture. Christian Parenting “ (The warfare against heteronormativity – male and female) 1 Nov

ETHICS: What is child abuse? The transgender issue is polarising medicine as well as community.

ETHICS: STRATEGY: the battle for God’s Creation of male and female, for heteronormativity and against transgender ideology

ETHICS: The Battle for Medicine (update 15 September 2018)

ETHICS: The real question that needs an answer Fri 17 Aug 2018

30 July 2018 “Doctor’s code implies endorsing harmful cultural beliefs”

Victoria’s EUTHANASIA Bill – Its just a matter of time! “LEGAL MURDER”

A Perspective on our times to a Christian audience.

Tony Abbott on why same sex marriage would fundamentally change society

What’s changed in Britain since same-sex marriage?

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey: Why You Will Not Be Free Under Same-Sex Marriage Law

10th Sept: ‘Discussion on the Marriage Plebiscite and Other Important Social Issues’

2016 election: is about choices between good and evil

Jeff Kennett: Safe Schools funding lost if Roz Ward stays

Safe Schools exposed

I am intolerant

Open Letter: Re strategy to force same-sex “marriage” by Lachlan Dunjey

Do you think Australia’s marriage laws should be changed to allow same-sex marriage?

Letter to Bill Shorten

Dr David van Gend, family, and the team need urgent and ongoing prayers

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