15 – 21 Jan Australian Christian Lobby 2020 Prayer Guide

15 – 21 Jan  Australia
Human Rights Law Alliance (HRLA), John Steenhof
for teachers in public schools, being helped by the Human Rights Law Alliance, who are facing disciplinary action for speaking about their faith in the workplace.
Pray that the government will show courage to progress a Religious Discrimination Act that provides true protection of religious freedom to Christians. Continue Reading


01 – 07 Jan Australian Christian Lobby 2020 Prayer Guide

01 – 07 Jan  Australia
for young people in the Australian Capital Territory. [br]
In 2019, the Barr Labor Government banned chaplaincy in all public schools and legalised marijuana use and cultivation at home. Both measures are scheduled to take effect in; January 2020, an election year. [br]
Pray that there would be divine intervention to change these two policies, for the spiritual and mental health of  the ACT’s young people. Continue Reading


25 – 31 Dec Australian Christian Lobby 2019 Prayer Guide

25 – 31 Dec Australia
NT, Wendy Francis

The Northern Territory Government is currently considering liberalising prostitution laws in the Territory.
Please pray that this will fail and that the vulnerable people caught up in the sex trade will find freedom.
The Northern Territory Government is proposing some radical changes to legislation that would affect the right for faith-based schools and organisations to employ people who adhere to their beliefs.
Please pray that God will intervene and that the right to uphold what we believe will be retained.
Alice Springs has reportedly the highest crime rate of any Australian city.
Please pray for peace and for the Alice Springs churches to know how best to respond to the city’s needs. Continue Reading


18 – 24 Dec Australian Christian Lobby 2019 Prayer Guide

18 – 24 Dec  Australia

Thank God for His faithfulness to hear our prayers. “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16 ESV
Thank God for the freedom we have to publicly celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas time. Ask that God will continue to provide for the staff of ACL, the Human Rights Law Alliance, and
Lachlan Macquarie Institute, as they continue to represent the truth in an increasingly hostile society. Continue Reading


11 – 17 Dec Australian Christian Lobby 2019 Prayer Guide

11 – 17 Dec  Australia
WA, Peter Abetz

As we approach Christmas, pray that the attempts by the Perth City Council to de-Christianise Christmas festivities will not be followed by others.[br]
Pray that Christmas in Perth will focus on the birth of Jesus Christ and what He came to accomplish.[br]
By the time you read this, the outcome of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2079 is likely to have been decided. If defeated, praise God, and pray that this issue will not be re-introduced. If it has been passed, pray against the culture of death that this legislation will bring.[br]
Pray for God’s people to be a presence of hope to terminally ill people. Human sex trafficking is out of the public eye in WA, but it is happening, fuelled by lax prostitution laws.
Pray that our partnering with other organisations to generate support for the Nordic type prostitution laws would gain momentum in the coming year, and win support amongst our state MPs. Continue Reading


04 – 10 Dec Australian Christian Lobby 2019 Prayer Guide

04 – 10 Dec  Australia
SA, Christopher Brohier

Pray for the defeat of the Prostitution Decriminalisation Bill and the enactment of a Nordic Model Bill that decriminalises selling of sex and criminalises buying and all third-party profiteering, and provides real exit strategies for those in prostitution.[br]
Please also pray for the Christians who reach out to minister to prostituted men and women. Pray for the 2,000 or so prostituted women and some men that they will be set free in Christ. [br]
Pray that the move to deregulate abortion law would be defeated and that the 28-week limit will be retained or reduced to 24 weeks.[br]
Pray for the defeat of the Surrogacy Bi1/2OJ9 or for substantial life-saving amendments to be made to it. As legalisation of euthanasia is raised again, pray that a movement to promote life would see it defeated. Continue Reading


28 – 03 Nov/Dec Australian Christian Lobby 2019 Prayer Guide

28 – 03 Nov/Dec  Australia
QLD, Wendy Francis
The Queensland Government is considering the introduction of euthanasia legislation. [br]
Please pray that this is not tabled prior to the October 2020 election and that our message of life will be heard. [br]
The liberalisation of prostitution is being considered in Queensland despite the fact that you cannot separate prostitution from trafficking, and you cannot make an inherently violent system safe. It is not acceptable that human beings should ever be for sale. [br]
Please pray that M Ps will listen to our advocacy on behalf of some of the most vulnerable in our society.
Continue Reading