21 July Open Doors 2019 Prayer Guide

21 Vietnam (Sunday Prayer)

Praise God Anh*1)Fictitious name for security purposes attended persecution preparation training and was able to respond well when authorities raided her Bible study. “That’s why we were able to respond with kindness when the government officials came and persecuted us. I was even able to share about, the gospel to them.” Continue Reading


17 July Open Doors 2019 Prayer Guide

17 China

Abdul*2)Fictitious name for a person’s safety is a Christian from a Muslim background who isn’t allowed to renew his rental contract. Abdul asked us to pray he finds a new home with a kind landlord. Continue Reading


14 July Open Doors 2019 Prayer Guide

14 India (Sunday Prayer)

Pastor Neelesh* lives in a Buddhist majority area of India. His young son was killed by Buddhist extremists, his house was burned down, and every year his community destroys his crops. And yet, he is able to say, “I have made up my mind now. I will live for Christ and if He wants, I will die for Him. Because what I lose for Him, I will actually gain in the end.” Continue Reading