Risk Is Right

Better to Lose Your Life Than to Waste It

full_risk-is-rightA choice lies before you: Either waste your life or live with risk. Either sit on the sidelines or get in the game. After all, life was no cakewalk for Jesus, and he didn’t promise it would be any easier for his followers.

We shouldn’t be surprised by resistance and persecution. Yet most of us play it safe. We pursue comfort.

We spend ourselves to get more stuff. And we prefer to be entertained.

We are all tempted by the idea of security, the possibility of a cozy Christianity with no hell at the end.

But what kind of life is that really?

It’s a far cry from adventurous and abundant, from truly rich and really full, and it’s certainly not the heights and the depths Jesus calls us to.

Discover in these pages a foundation for fearlessness.

There are a thousand ways to magnify Christ in life and death. None should be scorned. All are important. But none makes the worth of Christ shine more brightly than sacrificial love for other people in the name of Jesus (p 15).

 Hear God’s promise to go with you into the unknown. And let Risk Is Right help you see the joys of a faith-filled and seriously rewarding life of Jesus-dependent abandon!

“Every follower of Christ is more than a conqueror. This is the promise that empowers us to take risks for the sake of Christ. It is not the impulse of heroism, or the lust for adventure, or the courage of self-reliance, or the need to earn God’s favour. It is simple trust in Christ – that in him God will do everything necessary so that we can enjoy making much of him forever. Every good poised to bless us, 
 and every evil arrayed against us, will in the end help us boast only in the cross, magnify Christ, and glorify our Creator. Faith in these promises frees us to risk and to find in our own experience that it is better to lose our life than to waste it.”

First Edition 2013 | Crossway (Wheaton, Illinois) | Original Source: desiringgod.org  "Risk Is Right is a significantly expanded version of previously published chapter in the book Don't Waste Your Life"
Risk is Right by John Piper | www.crossway.org | Excerpted from Meco International Magazine, Issue 3, 2014


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