11 – 17 Dec Australian Christian Lobby 2019 Prayer Guide

11 – 17 Dec  Australia

WA, Peter Abetz
As we approach Christmas, pray that the attempts by the Perth City Council to de-Christianise Christmas festivities will not be followed by others.
Pray that Christmas in Perth will focus on the birth of Jesus Christ and what He came to accomplish.
By the time you read this, the outcome of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2079 is likely to have been decided. If defeated, praise God, and pray that this issue will not be re-introduced. If it has been passed, pray against the culture of death that this legislation will bring.
Pray for God’s people to be a presence of hope to terminally ill people. Human sex trafficking is out of the public eye in WA, but it is happening, fuelled by lax prostitution laws.
Pray that our partnering with other organisations to generate support for the Nordic type prostitution laws would gain momentum in the coming year, and win support amongst our state MPs.



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ACL 2019 Prayer Guide