04 – 10 Dec Australian Christian Lobby 2019 Prayer Guide

04 – 10 Dec  Australia

SA, Christopher Brohier
Pray for the defeat of the Prostitution Decriminalisation Bill and the enactment of a Nordic Model Bill that decriminalises selling of sex and criminalises buying and all third-party profiteering, and provides real exit strategies for those in prostitution.
Please also pray for the Christians who reach out to minister to prostituted men and women. Pray for the 2,000 or so prostituted women and some men that they will be set free in Christ.
Pray that the move to deregulate abortion law would be defeated and that the 28-week limit will be retained or reduced to 24 weeks.
Pray for the defeat of the Surrogacy Bi1/2OJ9 or for substantial life-saving amendments to be made to it. As legalisation of euthanasia is raised again, pray that a movement to promote life would see it defeated.



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ACL 2019 Prayer Guide