Esther House


Founded in 2005

The Esther Foundation facilitates an extensive young women’s residential health, development and leadership programme.

The Esther Foundation is the largest young women’s residential recovery program of its kind in Australia. Over almost 15 years, the Foundation has grown from a small drug rehabilitation program to what is now an extensive and award-winning young women’s residential health, development and leadership program based in South Perth.

The Foundation provides intensive support for young women to overcome life-controlling struggles and issues in a safe, structured and supportive environment. It currently operates 10 residential premises housing more than 45 young mothers, young women and children.

The broadly structured program facilitates specific groups and individual counselling to help manage socially prevalent issues and concerns faced by young women, including substance abuse, sexual and emotional abuse, domestic violence, mental health, pregnancy, self-harm, family breakdown, bullying, depression and eating disorders.

Much-needed support is received from the corporate sector and public donations to deliver this essential community service to the young women of Western Australia. The Foundation and its programs have been recognised at a local, state and national level.

Mission Statement

To encourage, enrich, educate and empower individuals in need to attain their full potential

The central objectives to achieving the Esther Foundation mission are:

1.0) To reach out to young lives in our nation that are broken or poor of spirit, offering residential support and assistance toward the restoration of their lives through an extensive recovery program.

2.0) To restore and reconcile family members into healthy relationships with each other and provide advocacy and support to bring children back into the care of their parents/families.

3.0) To provide a solid and safe foundation for the recovery process to begin in an individual’s life, bringing them to a point where they become contributing members of our community; through education, life-skill training, personal development, creative arts, employment, mentoring and by providing leadership skills.

4.0) To display care and express encouragement with all individuals to build their confidence, self worth and self belief.


The Esther Program offers firstly a safe residential environment for young women. These women are assessed for entry into the program by the foundation staff, where it is made clear to prospective participants that the recovery program may take 6 -18 months to complete, depending on the circumstances of each prospective participant.

The Esther Foundation facilitates group therapy each weekday morning that focus on and addresses the following issues faced by young women within the program:
• substance abuse
• sexual and emotional abuse
• domestic violence
• teenage pregnancy
• self harming
• suicidal ideation
• eating disorders
• family breakdown
• depression
• victims of crime
Some of these groups, tasks and skills include:
o Journaling
o Substance Abuse Issues
o Family Relationships
o Co-dependencies
o Boundaries
o Recovery in the Community
o Anger Management
o Communication
o Life-skills
o Budgeting
o Community Awareness
o Self Esteem
o Well Being
o Independent Living
This includes many creative arts elements, allowing program participants the ability to express themselves in different forms including: – creative arts, drama, media production, dance instruction, music lessons

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Recreational activities include:

o two association basketball sides
o swimming & triathlon
o morning walks
o weekend outings
o bushwalking
o beach
o barbecues/picnics
o ten pin bowling
o ice skating
o movies
o winter/summer camps in Busselton
o overseas outreach excursions





  1. Hello
    Is it possible for a young woman aged 48 to go to
    Esther House

  2. Plz can some1 get back to me I’m at my lowest Eva and losing my self more and more. I finally see I’m scared to change, I’m more scared not two now. I’m just damaged and tooles with life challenges that come our way. I will do wat ever is needed 1000%

  3. Been to Esther before but gave up on recovery n myself. I was clean for a year after Esther but recently relapsed a few times when I’m not using I am eating so I need help with loosing weight n the struggle of addiction

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