Add-Ministry Inc.


Add-Ministry IncĀ is a Not-For-Profit entity established for the specific purpose of providing administrative support to charitable & religious entities.

Our website provides a range of useful resources, and our Newsletters can advise your organisation of current changes. If you would like to be included in the Newsletter email distribution, please send us an email.

Our email advisory service can provide free advice on many administrative accounting and legal matters that impact charities and churches. Where the matter is more complex we can refer you to an accounting firm or legal firm that specialises in the charity sector, or you can enquire direct from one of the following firms: –

Add-Ministry Inc. works in close association with Harding & Associates, an accounting practice, and also with Robertson Hayles, a legal practice. Both firms have specialist skills to assist the Not-For-Profit sector. Where legal and professional obligations require it, we normally refer such tasks to those firms, but will willingly work with your own professional advisers also.

We are not funded by the Government and so will charge a fee appropriate to the service provided. We can often save you more than the cost of our service.


Our free email service can assist you with initial advice on your problems, and where appropriate, refer you to a specialist organisation for more detailed support. Areas where charities often need assistance include:

Becoming Incorporated

Upgrading your Constitution

Charity status & related tax concessions

Fringe Benefits Tax & Salary Packaging

GST exemptions for charities & churches

Business Activity Statements

Exemptions & Concessions with State Taxes



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