An Open Letter to the Arabic-speaking Christians & As well as the Church worldwide


An Open Letter to the Arabic-speaking Christians & As well as the Church worldwide

As you are aware, this is one of the most critical and serious times for believers across the Middle East in recent memory. As a prophet, I have been seeking the Lord for a prophetic word concerning the situation in Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen, and other parts of the Arabic-speaking world as well as those greatly influenced by Islamic teaching.

Also, in looking back at the prophetic word for 2011 issued by the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders, I read the warning we issued that said that Satan would try and start another third world war. One of his purposes was to stop the new missionary movements taking place across the face of the earth.

I believe we are at that tipping point at this moment where the situation in Egypt could de-stabilize the region to such a degree that just such a scenario would take place. Of course, new regimes could be put in place that would cause Iranian-type oppressions of believers.

This is why I am calling for the Body of Christ around the world, and particularly the Arabic-speaking community to participate in a season of prayer and fasting beginning as soon as you receive this letter.

Many may want to even have such a severe fast as an “Esther fast.” Others can fast as their health allows. If you are able to do an n Esther fast, I am suggesting for a three day time period.

Further, I feel like I am hearing from the Lord that what Satan has meant for evil, God will turn for good if the church across the Middle East will put aside their doctrinal and denominational differences and come together in unity to pray. The walls of division must fall if the Christian community is going to be protected.

While things seem quite dire, if the church will fast and pray together as one, the turmoil will die down and God will protect the world from a terrible war.

On a redemptive note, I see a generation of young leaders arising out of the church who are anointed to preach the gospel and see a great harvest of souls all across the Middle East, as well as North Africa, Central Asia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Cindy Jacobs

Here are some prayer points:
1. Pray that God will reveal every secret plot the Muslim Brotherhood has in Egypt.
2. Pray that every scheme that is Al Quaeda backed will be exposed in all levels of Egyptian culture, including the police.
3. Pray for protection of Christians across the Middle East
4. Pray for a smooth transition to a secular government.
5. Pray that the military of Egypt will not stand with pro-Muslim Brotherhood factions.
6. Pray that factions will not blow up the oil pipeline and that the Suez Canal will stay open for international commerce.
7. Pray that this Islamist revolution will not be successful and that they will not be able to establish an Islamic Caliphate.
8. Pray for protection for Israel from the terrorists that would sneak across the border into Gaza while the borders are unguarded.
9. Pray for comfort and peace for those who have been caught up in the midst of their nations being destabilized.
10. Pray for a movement of unified fasting and prayer to sweep across the believers in Jesus and powerfully impact the Middle East.
11. Pray for an Isaiah 19 highway of holiness to be established.
12. Pray for a Great Awakening to take place, with thousands of souls swept into the Kingdom of God.

Standing in the gap!
Mike and Cindy Jacobs



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