Christian votes helped Kevin Rudd into government

According to as study conducted by The Australian’s journalist, Christopher Pearson.

Most pronounced in the swing amongst Christians was those votes received from the charismatic and pentecostal sectors. In particularly, “where former Howard battlers overlapped with churchgoers, the Liberals were blasted out.” The Labor win would have been problematic without them.

Labor is riding high in the polls at the moment however that is no guarantee of victory in three years.

This is a Government with a small majority of seats. Labor’s survival at the next election may well depend on how assiduously Rudd cultivates the Christian vote in the meantime. That particular lesson surely won’t be lost on his cabinet.

19th March 2008 | Source: Compiled by APN based on article by Christopher Pearson | Source: "CHRISTIAN SWING VOTERS GAVE RUDD THE ELECTION"



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